Carpeting is an expensive investment, so you must prolong its life as long as possible. Deep cleaning your carpets, like Carpet Steam Cleaning services, and establishing a routine to keep them clean are just a few of the ways that you can do to extend the life of your carpet. However, cleaning them will probably be a hassle to some, but there are professional deep cleaning companies out there that might help you. Just keep in mind that hiring professional help in carpet cleaning on occasion should also be your priority as it is as important as your routine upkeep.

You probably also want to look at these common mistakes that you should avoid from now on, as they do more harm than help.

Using carpet powders to remove unwanted smell

Carpet powders can damage the carpet fibres over time if you keep on using them to get rid of bad odours on your carpet. Those residues if left on your carpets could eat away the fibres and wear them out. You can use baking soda instead, as it is an all-natural odour absorber that goes deep into your carpet to neutralise the bad smell.

Rubbing stains

Rubbing makes matters worse because stains will only go deep into your carpet. Instead, you can use blotting motions to remove stains.

Not testing your stain cleaners before using

Some stain cleaners could further damage your carpets, so it is best to test it out first on a small portion of your carpet that is out of sight before you use it on other areas.

Hiring carpet cleaners that offer cheap services

These cleaners often do a sloppy job of carpet cleaning and may leave debris and soap on your carpet. Paying a little more for a higher quality carpet cleaning service might save you more in the long-run.

Check out our Carpet Steam Cleaning services and experience professional cleaning

Carpet Steam Cleaning can remove trapped pollutants from your carpets that don’t just come off with regular cleaning and can also prevent mite infestation. It is one of the best deep cleaning methods for your carpets. If you want to learn more about Carpet Steam Cleaning, contact Wizard Cleaning on 0438 554 830. You may also leave an inquiry by clicking HERE.