An age-old question when it comes to carpet cleaning, and what the difference is between them both.

Steam cleaning provides much better results for both your carpets and upholstery, keeping in mind the materials must be suitable for such treatment.

So what is Dry Carpet Cleaning?

Dry carpet cleaning method is better known as a “Very Low Moisture” (VLM) method, relying on dry compounds in conjunction with additional application cleaning solutions – Read more here: Wikipedia

This method uses a “Bonnet” machine where the cleaning agent is applied to the pad of the bonnet cleaner, rubbing on to the carpet and trapping the dirt and grime into the pad fibres. This or the cleaning solution is allowed to dry to form crystals; trap the soil then is vacuumed up and out.

Dry cleaning presents a fast option method of cleaning, as it dries quickly and is convenient for high traffic areas. However in order to dry fast, it is a simple surface clean, and not a deep clean. Dry cleaning is great as an intermediate maintenance clean, yet will not deliver the same cleaning benefits that a steam carpet clean will deliver, and nor as deep a clean.

So is dry cleaning better than steam cleaning? Well for a quick easy in-between clean it is suitable, yet not a stand-alone suggested means of carpet cleaning.

What is Steam Carpet Cleaning?

Steam cleaning is better known as “Hot Water Extraction” and implements a deeper clean. The cleaning solution bonds and penetrates into the carpet fibres with the water vapour injected between the fibres and then extracted with a powerful vacuum.

While this cleaning method takes longer to dry, many carpet manufacturers favour this carpet cleaning method as less harsh chemicals are used and are less damaging to the carpet fibres. This method will also prolong the life of the carpets and invigorate the appearance.

With steam carpet cleaning being very well priced, booking a professional carpet cleaner is nice and easy, as well as the many benefits this method of carpet cleaning can provide. Read the many benefits of steam carpet cleaning in our blog: Top 5 reasons for a regular steam clean.

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