A lot of the time upholstery cleaning is overlooked.  Considering the amount of contact that our upholstery receives, it’s amazing to think why it can so easily be forgotten about.  In an attempt to educate on the benefits of upholstery cleaning in Melbourne, we’ve decided to put this blog together.  By giving your upholstery the attention it deserves, you can not only improve the way it looks but also the general hygiene of it.

Upholstery Cleaning in Melbourne – Background

Upholstery cleaning has an enormous amount of benefits.  Generally speaking, you would only need to have your upholstery professionally cleaned once or twice a year, depending on the amount of contact it receives.  Homes with small children or pets would generally require more attention as it’s of paramount importance to maintain a good level of hygiene.

The benefits of upholstery cleaning don’t only lie in making the upholstery appear and feel better, but also in making it free of allergens and germs.  As time goes on and your upholstery is neglected, certain bacteria can become trapped within the fibres of the fabric.  Many homes will try to clean the upholstery with soaps and harsh cloths but this may actually damage the upholstery.  Due to upholstery generally being made up of finer materials, it tends to be delicate.  Using excessive cleaning force and harsh chemicals on this material will actually cause damage over time.

Our solution for upholstery cleaning in Melbourne

Hot water extraction. By using our advanced method of upholstery cleaning, hot water extraction, we are able to safely and effectively remove stains, grime and bacteria from your upholstery.  With hot water extraction, we don’t use any harsh chemicals that would be detrimental to your child’s or pet’s health.  Instead, we’re using extremely hot water to lift and break through the built-up grime and bacteria in your upholstery.  Our cleaning machinery will then suck the water and the bacteria that comes with it back up, leaving your upholstery looking as close to new as possible.

For more information on hot water extraction or on how we can clean your upholstery, feel free to click HERE.  If you’d like to speak with one of our cleaning professionals or book to have your upholstery cleaned today, then call us on 0438 554 830.  Remember, by giving your upholstery the attention it deserves you can increase the overall lifetime of that piece of furniture.