Home cleaning tips


One thing that we’re always asked after a job (tile or carpet), is whether or not the house should be regularly maintained between professional cleans. When this question comes around, the answer is always quick and easy: yes, yes you should.

A big problem that we’ve noticed is that many people will assume that after their tiles have been professionally cleaned, that they’ll be fine for another few months without cleaning. It’s easy to think this as your tiles well generally look nice and shiny for several weeks after a professional clean, however, this doesn’t negate the need to keep them in a reasonable condition between cleans.

What happens when I don’t maintain my tiles after a professional clean?

When you don’t maintain regular upkeep on your tiles after a professional clean, it’s very easy for them to lose that lustrous shine they generally receive. Furthermore, the grout in-between the tiles will discolour faster overtime than if you weren’t to clean it. A large mistake that many people make is they quite often use the same mop over and over without cleaning it. Just like a cloth, mops too need to be thoroughly looked after between cleans.

If you’re using a dirty mop to clean your floors, all you’re doing is spreading the germs and bacteria around your home. If you’ve had your mop for a while and it’s started to produce a displeasing smell, it might be time to consider purchasing a new one.

What can I do if my tiles need urgent attention

If your tiles are looking worse for wear and you’re wanting to make them stand out some more, then feel free to book a call with your local professional tile cleaners. A lot of the time you can maintain a semi-lustrous look of your tiles but over time this will fade. When this happens, it’s generally a good time to call in the support team!

If you would like to know more information about our professional tile and grout cleaning services, please don’t hesitate to contact us on 0438 554 830. If you’d prefer, you can also leave us an enquiry HERE. This time of the year is usually quite busy for the team at Wizard, so we recommend booking ahead to avoid disappointment.