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Tile and grout cleaning brings your tiled area back to life – removing hard to reach scum, dirt and grime. Because grout is porous, in time your tiled flooring can look worse for wear, even with normal use. Impressions are everything and giving your flooring a refreshed look will make all the difference. If you’re a renter doing an end of lease clean, our professional service is one of the best ways to get your bond back.

Our tile cleaning method

Machine to clean tiles

Our tile and grout cleaning process begins with a pre-cleaning solution applied over the tiled area. With concentrated application to the dirty grout. Our tile cleaning experts follow this will a powerful tile cleaning tool which lifts the grime. Leaving your tiled floors with a near-new finish.

We advise customers to allow the cleaned tiled area to dry naturally.

Benefits of clean grout and tiles

Beautiful clean tiles

The grout between tiles can create a perfect breeding ground for potentially harmful diseases. This is especially true in commonly-used areas such as kitchens or bathrooms. Professionally cleaning these areas provides a safer environment.

With a Wizard tile clean, you ensure a hygienic, clean and safe environment for your family, customers or employees. You will benefit from superior cleaning services and highly competitive prices.

Our tile and grout cleaning package

Upon arrival to your property, our tile cleaning specialists will assess your tile and grout needs. We’ll determine the type and amount of treatment application required.

For extremely dirty or stained grout, we will apply a pre-treatment solution with active ingredients to loosen the dirt and remove stains effectively.

Best tile and grout cleaning in Melbourne.

Our cleaning services also extend to many businesses:

  • Day Care Facilities
  • Restaurant and Food Court floors
  • Shopping Centre Bathrooms
  • Commercial kitchens
  • Office bathrooms and floors
  • All tiled flooring.
Best tile and grout cleaning service in Melbourne Tile and grout cleaning Melbourne

Frequenty asked questions about tile and grout cleaning

Is mopping enough to clean floor tiles?
Mopping helps in cleaning the tile and grout’s surface but it can’t get rid of dirt and germs that are deep in the grout. You should always use a clean mop because old and dirty mops cause discoloration in the grout. Soap scum may also accumulate on your floor tiles and this traps dirt under layers of soap. This not only makes your floor look dirty, but also makes it quite slippery! Another thing to consider is that mopping can push dirt back into the grout’s nooks and crannies.  This can damage it over time.

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Can I use bleach or acids to clean and disinfect tiles and grout?
Bleach is often used to whiten and clean tiled surfaces, but it is NOT recommended for tiles and grouts. Bleach makes the grout brittle, leaving them weak and prone to deterioration. It also ruins the shine of tiled surfaces. Acids in the meantime are too strong. They can damage the surface and cause the grout to erode. Any abrasive substance can cause more harm than good to your tiles and grout.

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Are floor tiles easy to maintain?

A: Compared to carpeted areas, yes, floor tiles are easier to maintain because it requires less maintenance. However, regular tile and grout cleaning from qualified professionals is important to remove deep seated germs and bacteria in the grout. Professional cleaning also increases the longevity of your floor tiles and other tiled surfaces.

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How often should the tiles be cleaned?

A: As with carpet cleaning, foot traffic, children, pets, and routine floor maintenance need to be considered when determining the frequency of tile cleaning. A professional tile and grout cleaning is recommended every 18-24 months for homes. Businesses or public facilities will require a professional tile clean every 6 months.

Should grout be sealed?

A: Grout sealing is not a necessity.  But if you choose to seal your grout, choose a sealer that offers a lifetime guarantee. Otherwise, you risk the sealer flaking away over time which results in patchy looking tile areas. When this happens, the sealer must be removed and the tiles cleaned. This process can be costly for you as you may spend more than $25 per square metre while having a cleaning scheduled every few years will only cost $5 per square metre. Instead of sealing your grout, we recommend having your tiled areas cleaned regularly by a professional cleaning service like Wizard.

How do I know if the grout needs repair?

A: As soon as you spot obvious cracks, it’s time to consider repairing it. Cracks in the grout can cause the tiles to come loose. It is best to repair grout before further damage occurs to the tile surface.

How does grout re-colouring work?

A: At Wizard, we do not recommend grout re-colouring as a solution to fixing a discoloured grout because it is simply masking the problem. To effectively remove stains from the grout, we recommend a professional tile and cleaning service.

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