Why choose Wizard for your fabric and upholstery cleaning in Melbourne?

We deep-clean all sorts of upholstered surfaces. Whether you need furniture cleaning, mattress cleaning or something else, there are many reasons to choose Wizard for upholstery cleaning.

Lounge cleaning and upholstery cleaning

The importance of keeping your upholstery and furniture clean

Leather Lounge Cleaning

With continual use, your furniture starts to look old. Despite your best efforts to vacuum or wipe down your upholstery, stains and worn-in grime slowly take away from the beauty of your investment. Regular, professional deep cleaning will bring back that new look and feeling. Aesthetics aside, uncleaned upholstery will accumulate bacteria and allergens. When you take time to think about the amount of contact your upholstery receives, you’ll begin to understand how large amounts of bacteria can begin to form there

Safe and effective hot water extraction for lounge cleaning and upholstery cleaning.

Free rug steam clean with upholstery cleaning

By using our advanced method of upholstery cleaning – hot water extraction – we are able to safely and effectively remove stains, grime and bacteria from your lounges, couches, mattresses and other upholstery.  Hot water extraction doesn’t use any harsh chemicals that would be detrimental to your child’s or pet’s health.  Instead, we’re using extremely hot water to lift and break through the built-up grime and bacteria in your upholstery.  Our cleaning machinery will then suck the water and the bacteria that comes with it back up. This will leave your upholstery looking as close to new as possible.

At Wizard, we are passionate about not only providing the best in upholstery cleaning, but also competitive prices that will guarantee customer satisfaction.

Lounge cleaning

We want to ensure you get the best value for your dollar and the highest quality lounge cleaning, fabric & upholstery cleaning in the wider Melbourne area.

Wizard Cleaning offers great deals on lounge cleaning, sofa cleaning & couch steam cleaning with fantastic rates. Including a FREE rug steam clean when you purchase a lounge suite steam clean.