Getting a new sofa for your lounge room, material lining on your stools or even a lounge for your bedroom will all standout beautifully when first purchased.  You’ll notice that there are no stains, the colours are exactly how they’re meant to be and there is no discolouration.  What happens next? Over time, you’ll begin to use these pieces of furniture more and more.  With continual use and failure to maintain them at a clean state, they’ll begin to lose their attractiveness.  This is why Melbourne Professional Upholstery Cleaning Services play such a large role.

Melbourne Professional Upholstery Cleaning Services – necessary or not?

As we mentioned earlier, with a combination of time and neglecting to clean your upholstery, it can quickly start to look worse for wear. The charm and beauty that your furniture once had begins to diminish and the nice feeling you used to get when seeing it looking new and clean disappears also.

With the aesthetics part of it put aside, your uncleaned upholstery will begin to also accumulate bacteria and allergens. At first, you probably won’t notice this, but when you actually take time to think about the amount of contact in which your upholstery receives, it’s with no doubt that you’ll understand how so many bacteria can begin to form there. Imagine how many places your pants come into contact with each day.  Think about where your pets have been (if you have any).  Also think about other items which are placed on top of surfaces such as sofas; this is how bacteria begins to form and spread throughout your upholstery.

How does Melbourne Professional Upholstery Cleaning Service Work?

At Wizard Carpet, Tile and Grout Cleaning Melbourne, we specialise in the careful cleaning of upholstery.  Generally speaking, upholstery can be made up of fine materials which can become damaged if not cleaned properly.  Our way of cleaning involves a method known as hot water extraction.  Through hot water extraction, we’re able to effectively and efficiently clean your upholstery.  Hot water extraction doesn’t involve the use of harsh chemicals to do the cleaning.  Instead, we rely on steam and a high-power suction action.

Hot water extraction is one of the safest and most effective ways to clean your carpets, bathrooms and upholstery.  Furthermore, it’s also completely pet and child-friendly!  For more information on how Wizard Carpet, Tile & Grout Cleaning Melbourne can keep your upholstery looking its finest, feel free to leave an enquiry HERE.  Alternatively, you may also want to speak with one of our cleaning professionals today on 0438 554 830.