Have you ever considered professional upholstery cleaning for your beloved furniture? Odds are that you loved the living room furniture when you first bought it but now you look at it years later and it is not so nice after all of the wear and tear from family, friends and pets.

Professional upholstery cleaning helps to preserve the value of your couch and other living room furniture and allows you to enjoy them again as if they were new.

The hidden dangers of DIY upholstery cleaning

Cleaning your precious upholstery yourself is one option, but do you really know what you are doing? Yes, there are thousands of online blog posts that give you tips, often contradictory, on how to clean this fabric and that fabric. However, which ones do you risk trying?

The best result will be a mediocre clean whilst the worst could be nasty stains, burns or other damage that ruin the look of your upholstery. If you are going to try cleaning your upholstery yourself at least try the cleaning solution on a part that cannot be easily seen.

Let the professionals do it for you

There are some very real benefits to getting professionals to clean your furniture’s upholstery:

1. No more smelly odour

Does your couch have a smell of its own that is not so great? Maybe from pets or food being dropped on it – whatever it is your professional cleaner will know how to get rid of the funk and have your couch smelling like new;

2. Look like new

Preserve new furniture and revive old. Regardless of the age of the upholstery you can get rid of stains and dirt and have it looking, as well as smelling, like new;

3. Get rid of allergens

What about all of the dust mites, pet hair and other allergens that may be lurking on your upholstery. A simple wipe or vacuum will not get rid of these, but a professional clean will leave the surface of your couch allergen free as well as clean.

Look after your furniture and it will be with you and your family for years. Keep it looking great and you can enjoy it more.

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