How to cover your bases and ensure you get your bond back!

Noting any small detail of damage to the place you’re moving out of is crucial to making sure you get your bond back when you leave. It’s important not to be tempted to buy supermarket carpet cleaning products as they contain bleaching agents that can cause damage to carpets.

It’s important not to be tempted to buy supermarket carpet cleaning products as they contain bleaching agents that can cause damage to carpets.

Every state in Australia has slightly different legislation under consumer affairs. In Victoria, renters refer to the Residential Tenancies Act 1997, but this quick post will give you a head start and let you in on the secret to recovering your bond.

Keep your cash and keep moving

The renting life is often punctuated with comings and goings. Plans change, you travel or start a new job; sometimes the flexibility of living where you want is the perfect situation for your lifestyle. But there can be a lot of hidden expenses and pitfalls to renting. Paying a bond and moving fees can all add up, which is why it’s crucial to make sure you do everything possible to get your bond back from that final inspection.

The devil’s in the detail…

First things first, make sure you check the condition report – that’s the detailed form you filled out and signed at the start of your lease. Your landlord or their agent will have extensively walked through the property checking and noting any signs of existing damage. Hopefully you were also thorough at this point, noting any damage you came across at the time you moved in. If there was existing damage when you moved into your new place and it’s included in the condition report then it isn’t something to stress over!

Tip 1: Get your carpet professional steam cleaned

The key thing to remember when you’re preparing for your final inspection/move-out is that first impressions count. Professional carpet steam cleaning is a non-negotiable. Trying to DIY this essential job is a bad move and could hurt your chances of getting your bond back, particularly as super-market bought carpet cleaning products can often do more harm than good. Without professional carpet cleaning, the job is going to look amateur and there may be visible wear or dirt still in the carpet. General wear and tear over the course of your lease can be ok, but having to replace dirty, damaged or stained carpet is a major expense for the landlord and one that could be prevented by steam carpet cleaning.

Also keep in mind that while our name might be Wizard, we are not magicians! If stains are left in carpets for a long time, depending on what the stains are, we may not always be able to remove it. So don’t wait until the last minute to book a professional clean, schedule them as needed throughout the year. With Wizard’s 3 rooms for $60 deal, the solution is easy.

Tip 2: Leave your kitchen clean and your bathroom beautiful with tile and grout cleaning

The next most important job is leaving the kitchen and bathroom looking as clean as possible. If you’re not confident you can deliver here, or you’ve got better things to do, leave the final touches to Wizard who can provide professional tile and grout cleaning

Tip 3: Clear your things

A final tip for the renters: don’t be tempted to leave unwanted items on or around the property. Landlords hate having to deal with final clean up and getting rid of tenants’ stuff. Remember the main goal: create a stellar first impression, do this by clearing, cleaning and maintaining the property as best you can.

If you don’t fancy risking your bond money, make sure one of the things you do is call Wizard on 0438 554 830 and book your steam carpet cleaning.