It’s that time of year again… Melburnians are shivering through another long winter and reaching for the coats, jumpers and boots. Yes it’s cold, and we’d be lying if we said we’re not jealous of our friends planning coastal getaways or trips overseas. But winter doesn’t have to be completely bleak. One of the best things about the season is the chance to hibernate, rest and recharge at home. Here are Wizard’s tips on how to make your home the ultimate hibernation hub this year…

1. Book a professional steam carpet clean

We recommend a carpet clean for winter, mostly because you’re going to be home more to enjoy the look and feel of plush, professionally cleaned carpet! Having a clean, ordered and well looked after home environment is key to being able to unwind after a long day or week. If the carpet under your feet is in perfect condition, it’ll add that extra comfort factor to your downtime.  Did you know Wizard offers professional steam carpet cleaning of three rooms for just $60?

2. Turn up the heat efficiently. Book a duct clean.

Just like you service your car to keep it performing at its best, you need to periodically maintain your home’s heating system by booking professional heating duct cleaning. Clearing out dust and obstructions will not only increase the heating efficiency of your ducts, it may mean you cut down on your heating bills over the course of a few months. Wizard is a trusted provider of duct cleaning in Melbourne with affordable cleaning specials.

3. Use your blinds, curtains and door snakes

Simple advice, but important to keep in mind – using these everyday household tools can stop a chilly draft in its tracks and insulate with zero cost.

4. Keep your toes warm

On cooler days, it’s nearly impossible to stay warm if your feet aren’t properly insulated. If you’re feeling the chill, grab yourself a new pair or two of winter socks. A wool-blend or thermal variety is best for warmth and natural fibres are less likely to cause overheating.

The best ways to stay cosy this winter are often the simplest tricks. Make it a priority to ensure a clean and warm home environment so your days and evenings at home with friends or alone watching a movie offer the ultimate in comfort.

Call Wizard on 0438 554 830 and book your steam carpet cleaning and duct cleaning today.