As dedicated professional cleaners, Wizard knows that every carpet complements the look and feel of your living room or office. However, is the clean and tidy appearance of your carpets enough to make you feel comfortable? Look beyond the surface and you might wonder “is cleaning my carpets annually enough?” Aside from the aesthetic value that your carpet provides, it’s important that you determine if the regularity of your carpet cleaning is helping or hindering your family’s health and well-being.

Cleaning your carpets on a regular basis is a given but it’s a must that you have them cleaned by a professional at least once a year. Why? Some family members might have asthma, allergies and snoring conditions that can affect their breathing. Large carpeted areas contribute to air quality and keeping them more regularly cleaned – and with a professional steam carpet clean – can help.

Here’s how to choose a steam carpet cleaning company:

1.) Reliability

Steam carpet cleaning is a practical and cost-effective way of maintaining carpets that will spare you buying your own equipment to clean your carpets. While there are a number of factors in choosing the right carpet cleaning company, it’s crucial that they adhere to certain standards. At Wizard, we ensure that our team meets industry standard requirements that makes our steam carpet cleaning service deliver a reliable, high-quality result every time.

2.) Eco-Friendly

Some carpet cleaning companies will claim that they use eco-friendly methods. While steam carpet cleaning suggests the process doesn’t use any chemicals to clean the carpet, it’s a myth that the carpet is cleaned by steam alone. The common practice would be a chemical spray on your carpet then hot water takes care of the rest. At Wizard, we support a clean, green environment and share in the responsibility of protecting our waterways with eco-friendly solutions. We ensure that that our products are not harsh and are safe to use around children and pets while producing a high-quality finish – killing bacteria and getting rid of dust mites and fungus in the process.

3.) Cost-Efficient

Aside from sparing yourself from the hassles of purchasing your own steam cleaning tools and performing the work yourself, hiring a reliable carpet cleaning company will make sure that your carpet is deep-cleaned and protected against unnecessary staining. Wizard also offer free sanitising and deodorising of your carpet. This keeps your environment healthier and your carpets looking better for longer.

4.) Approachable

The world is becoming more social. It’s important that a company has various communication channels where you can reach out to them, learn about how others find their service and get advice. Wizard is on social media so you can connect and talk to us anytime and see reviews from happy customers.

We take pride in providing the cleaning service you are looking for. This is why our team treats every client as a partner in maintaining their homes and buildings with clean carpets, tiles and grout, and upholstery. As your partner, we make sure that you know how our service works and the value it provides to your family or employees.

We’re more than glad to hear your suggestion and inquiries. Call our experts on 0438 554 830 and we will happily talk over the options available and provide you a quote.