Bathroom Cleaning Melbourne

Our bathrooms are one of the most frequented rooms in the house. It’s therefore crucial that all efforts are made to uphold the beautiful appearance of the room.  Beauty aside, it’s also incredibly important to maintain a high level of hygiene in the bathroom.  For these very reasons, we’ve decided to create this bathroom cleaning blog. We’ll go over some every day things you can do to help your bathroom stay nice and beautiful (and clean).

Bathroom Cleaning Checklist

1. Clean the bowl regularly

Maintaining a sparkling white toilet bowl is a major key in keeping your bathroom looking great.  A stained inside of the bowl can leave a lasting impression and it’s therefore essential that you clean the bowl every few days.  The more you clean it, the easier it will be to clean.

2. Keep your reflection

How many times have you used a mirror in a bathroom and to only find your reflection covered with flickers of toothpaste, watermarks and smudges?  It happens a lot!  By simply cleaning down your mirror at the end of every second day, you can maintain a beautiful reflection of yourself.

3. Keep the vanity clear and clean

Avoid cluttering your bathroom’s vanity.  It’s usually one of the first things that people will notice when entering a bathroom. The key for bathroom cleaning is to avoid clutter.  Be sure to store items which you don’t use frequently and to also keep the sinks clear of hair and tooth paste stains.

4. Clean the accessories

This job can be performed once every week or so.  If done like this, then you’ll start to notice how much more your bathroom will ‘shine’.  By cleaning your accessories regularly (towel racks, décor, tapware etc.), you should be able to maintain that lustrous shine in your bathroom all-year round.

5. Keep your tiles and grout CLEAN

Our final point is to maintain the cleanliness of your tiles and grout.  No bathroom will look completely clean if the grout is stained and the tiles have grime on them.  If you’re finding it difficult to maintain the appearance of your tiles and grout, then perhaps using a professional cleaning company would help.

By using a professional bathroom cleaning company to maintain the cleanliness and appearance of your tiles and grout, you can rest assured knowing that your bathroom will not only look clean, but it will feel clean.  Tile and grout cleaning can often be a tiring job if you’re not using the right equipment.  At Wizard Tile and Grout Cleaning Melbourne, we specialise in tile and grout cleaning services.  Our team of bathroom cleaning wizards will be able to effectively remove the dirt, grime and gunk that has invaded both your tiles and grout.

For more information on how we can assist with keeping your bathroom looking new, please feel free to leave us an enquiry HERE.  You may also call us on 0438 554 830.