Did you know that your kitchen and bathrooms are the perfect places for fungus and mould to breed in?  This is because these areas in our home are often wet or moist, the exact condition that disease-causing bacteria and germs love to thrive in.


Here are some fast facts you need to know about your kitchen and bathrooms:

  • The kitchen and bathroom sink are the areas most contaminated with germs. But the kitchen sink in particular is a breeding ground of germs, with 100,000 times more germs present than in the bathroom.
  • In the kitchen, the sponge and cutting boards are also main sources of kitchen germs.
  • In the bathroom, the shower drain, and frequently touched areas such as the toilet flush and taps contain germs. Even the toothbrush holder, your most unusual suspect, contains germs and bacteria.
  • Bacteria can divide every 20 minutes. This means that in less than 24 hours, more than eight million bacterial cells are produced from a single bacteria.

Why you need to declare an all out war against germs and bacteria

Household germs potentially breeding in our kitchen and bathrooms can cause various types of contagious infections including the common cold, flu and enteritis.  If we’re not vigilant, these diseases can be quickly transmitted from one family member to another and before you know it, your entire family could be feeling unwell. Protect your family from bacterial infections and maintain a healthy home by keeping germs and bacteria at bay.

Getting the upper hand

To score an advantage against germs and bacteria, start your cleaning on places where they lurk the most.  This means, pay attention to cleaning your kitchen sink.  Also, as a general rule, high traffic areas or surfaces that are touched a lot like the toilet flush and taps are a germ stronghold, so make sure to give these areas a good and thorough clean too.

What are your best weapons?

Cleaning with soap and hot water can remove dirt and grime and may get rid of some germs from kitchen and bathroom surfaces.  However, cleaning alone may not be enough, especially when cleaning areas where there a lot of germs.  In this case, you will also want to disinfect.

A good cleaner-disinfectant can be used to quickly get rid of germs and bacteria because it combines both cleaning and disinfecting.  You can use it for most kitchen and bathroom surfaces.  To get rid of bacteria living in your kitchen and bathroom sink and drains, it is crucial to disinfect these areas regularly.

Here are some more cleaning tips that you can include in your battle plan:

  • Keep your kitchen and bathroom surfaces as dry as possible. Remember that germs and bacteria love wet or moist places so keeping your kitchen and bathroom dry can help fight the growth of nasty microorganisms.  Ventilate the areas by opening the window or using an exhaust fan.  Wipe down surfaces with a dry, clean cloth.
  • Never use the cleaning cloth or brush for the toilet when cleaning the bathroom or kitchen sink! Dedicate cleaning tools for specific areas in the kitchen and bathroom.
  • Replace dishrags, cleaning cloths and towels once a week, as these also tend to harbour a lot of germs and bacteria.
  • In the bathroom, close the toilet lid before flushing to avoid splashing other bathroom surfaces with toilet water.
  • Perhaps the most important but often overlooked way to maintain good hygiene is to wash your hands frequently with soap and water. Wash your hands before and after heading to the toilet, before and after preparing a meal, before and after eating, and after touching germ-filled objects such as the trash bin.

Pay attention to tiled surfaces too

Our kitchen and bathrooms are mostly made up of tiled surfaces which can be notorious breeding places of germs and bacteria.  Unhealthy black mould can grow on the grout in between tiles if tiled surfaces are not cleaned regularly.

One of the best natural ways to clean grout is to combine baking soda and a small amount of white vinegar together.  Mix until you form a solution.  Use an old toothbrush to apply this mixture to the grout and scrub clean.  Then, wipe over with clean water and allow to air dry.

However, there are stubborn stains that may still persist.  In this case, DIY solutions just won’t cut it.  For a thorough clean that removes stains and eliminates germs and bacteria, call in the experts.  Wizard Cleaning offers professional tile and grout cleaning that not only makes your tiled surfaces sparkle, but also helps in getting rid of microorganisms growing in between your tiles.

Wizard may just be the ally you need when battling bacteria in your kitchen and bathroom!  Call us on 0438 554 830 and book our professional tile and grout cleaning service.