We all love the look and feel of lush and clean carpets. It truly is something that makes our homes beautiful and comfortable. Unfortunately, our carpets can experience wear and tear especially if we have a big, active family or if we keep pets inside the home.

What are high traffic areas? These are areas in the carpet that get the most activity such as the living room where the family often spends time in, the dining area where we often host guests, or the entry way and stairs as we walk into our rooms. Carpet in these high traffic areas tend to look worn out compared to low traffic areas like our bedrooms.

While our carpets will eventually need replacing (in 7 years on average), there are ways to care for them especially when it comes to high traffic areas, which may help extend their life and allow us to enjoy them for a longer period of time. Here are some tips on how you can take care and preserve high traffic areas on your carpet.

Keep the dirt outside the home

If possible, remove shoes when entering the house or use indoor slippers. Our shoes carry dirt, which when tracked onto a carpet eventually sifts down to the carpet backing and grinds away at the fibres, wearing it out. Fine grit also scratches the carpet fibre, leading to distortion in the fibre surface which then results to a dirty and dull looking carpet.

In addition, it’s not just the dirt our shoes carry that wears down the carpet. Our shoes rubbing against the carpet creates friction that tears and strips down the quantity of carpet fibres, which may make high traffic areas look threadbare.

If leaving shoes outside the house is not possible, use entry or door mats to help minimise the dirt coming into the house.

Move your furniture around

Most of us have formed a habit of walking a particular path to get from one area of the house to another. Walking this path everyday can give our carpet a beating. One way to encourage yourself and others in your home to walk around another route is to rotate furniture.

If your living area allows you to reposition furniture, then do so every few months. This will give high traffic areas a rest as you walk around the house in different paths, due to the move in furniture. Plus, it can give your home a fresh and updated look!

Cover main walkways

Use area rugs and runners to cover the main walkways in your home such as the hallway or the stairs. Having these on top of the carpet can protect the fibres from wearing down. Rugs and runners can also add a decorative touch to your home. But keep in mind that they will need regular cleaning and maintenance too.

Vacuum regularly

When it comes to carpet cleaning, don’t neglect vacuuming your carpet. With an active family, you should vacuum two to three times a week. And don’t settle for vacuuming the visible crumbs and dirt only. Aim for 4-6 passes in high traffic areas and 2-3 passes in low traffic areas.

If using a high-powered vacuum cleaner two to three times a week sounds too daunting, you can also use a handheld vacuum. It’s handy and can allow you to quickly zoom in to carpet areas that need attention. Keep in mind though that handheld vacuums may only clean the surface.

Schedule a professional carpet cleaning service

In addition to vacuuming, maintenance is important. Like a car needing regular oil change, your carpet needs professional carpet cleaning. Cleaners use different methods but we recommend steam carpet cleaning. Steam carpet cleaning digs deep to remove germs, dirt, and odours from your carpet.

A powerful vacuum is also used to remove excess water, so that the carpet dries faster. Steam carpet cleaning not only gives your carpet a thorough clean, but can also help maintain or improve its appearance. Professional carpet cleaning is recommended every 12 months or more frequently for bigger families or if you have pets.

Following these simple tips can help you care for and preserve high traffic areas, so that you can enjoy your carpet for years to come.

For professional steam carpet cleaning, call Wizard on 0438 554 830 and we will happily talk over the options available and provide you a quote.