Are you starting to see some wear and tear on your carpet? Are you worried about deep indentations on your carpet or some unsightly discoloured patches? We all love the look and feel of beautiful carpets in our home, but many of us may not be aware of the potential carpet problems we may face. Not to worry because there are always solutions to these issues. Here are the most common carpet problems and how you can solve them.

Carpet matting and crushing

Carpet matting and crushing is the loss of pile thickness and the untwisting of the carpet fibers. This is normally due to heavy amounts of foot traffic, improper vacuuming, or improper cleaning. If you are just selecting your carpet, one way to avoid this problem is to choose a carpet type that can withstand heavy foot traffic, like Frieze for example. If this is a current issue you are having with your carpet, getting a professional carpet cleaning service can help improve any matting or crushing.


Wear is described as a loss of pile fiber and weight. Over time, carpet will show some signs of wear. The best way to keep your carpetting looking pristine for as long as possible is proper care and maintenance. Vacuum it at least two times a week and schedule regular professional carpet cleaning. You can also ask your carpet dealer about the warranty on your carpet and check if you are eligible for it. Many manufacturers offer a five to ten-year warranty for wear.


Once in a while, you may notice some loose carpet fibres or small balls of carpet on the floor or in the vacuum cleaner. Shedding is a normal process especially for new carpets. If you’ve just had your carpet installed, the small fluff balls should stop appearing after a while, usually within 1-2 months.

Depressions and indentations

These are deep and, often times, permanent marks left on the carpet by heavy furniture. One simple solution to this problem is to move your furniture around every once in a while. You may also use glides under the legs of your furniture to help minimise any depressions or indentations on the carpet.

Discolouration or bleaching

Depending on the carpet type, colour may fade when exposed to direct sunlight. Certain cleaning agents or carpet cleaning foams may also cause discolouration or bleaching on the carpet. To prevent this, always read the fine print on any cleaning product and test it on a hidden area of the carpet. Getting regular professional carpet cleaning can also help as expert cleaners use products that can assist in preserving the carpet. They can also give you sound advice on the re-dyeing process if discolouration has already occurred.

Filtration soiling

A poor ventilation system can cause dark or gray lines to form on the carpet surface. This commonly appears as a darkening of carpetted areas at the edges of the room, as well as near doorways and air vents. Filtration soiling may also be caused by inadequate sealing at the edges of the carpet. If you have this problem, schedule a professional carpet cleaning right away. You may also ask your carpet cleaning company about anti-filtration solutions that can work on your carpet type.

Split seam and tears

If your carpetting has seams in high-traffic areas, the pieces can occasionally separate and begin to fray. Immediately glue down the frayed edges, but this is only a temporary fix as the seam will most likely open again. Schedule a carpet repair service as soon as possible to keep the damage from split seams and tears to a minimum.

Carpet ripples and buckling

Ripples or buckles on your carpet may occur when the carpet is exposed to moisture. Mild rippling and buckling may happen during a professional carpet cleaning, particularly after a “wet clean”, but once the carpet is completely dry, the ripples and buckles should disappear as the fibres shrink back down. However, if you live in a damp or humid environment which causes the carpet to ripple or buckle, you may need the carpet re-stretched by a carpet installer or repairer.

Keep in mind that proper care and maintenance, including regular professional carpet cleaning, is still the best way to avoid carpet problems and preserve the life and beauty of your carpet.

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