We often forget duct cleaning in our homes and offices. Only the external openings of your system are visible but there is a complex series of connected tubes that deliver heating and cooling throughout the building that rely on the ducts to operate efficiently.

How often should you have your ducts cleaned? There are no hard and fast rules on this as it will often depend on the operating environment. Here are our three to things to look for to indicate that your ducts need some attention:

1. Noticeable Mould
When you inspect your ducts, can you see mould growing? If the answer is yes then you may have a problem with moisture in the system. If not fixed this problem can lead to breathing and other health difficulties.

2. Too Much Debris
One of the ways that you can tell if there is a dirt build up in your system is if puffs of dust come out of your ducts every time you start the system up. This can affect your complete airflow and if not fixed pollutants can be released into the air in your home or workplace.

3. Infested Ducts
Rodents and insects can inhabit your system and cause issues. If you can see insect husks, rodent droppings or scratches outside your ducts it could mean that something undesirable has moved in.

What if I Ignore These Signs?

You may choose to disregard these signs that you need duct cleaning. Perhaps you are busy or think that it just isn’t important. There are consequences if you don’t maintain your heating/cooling system and they usually impact your health or back pocket. Consider these five outcomes:

  1. Inefficient heating/cooling – this causes the system to work harder and increases the overall running cost
  2. Bad air circulation – additional cost and potential health issues
  3. Shortened system life span – with the system working harder you are likely to pay more in maintenance and ultimately will be replacing the system sooner
  4. Breed your own pests – eventually the system will become infested and this can spread to other parts of your home
  5. Your home is harder to keep clean – if not cleaned your ducts will always be releasing dust into the air whenever they are used making it impossible to keep dust and other allergens out of the air

Professional Duct Cleaning is the Answer

Duct cleaning can be difficult and definitely not something that we recommend you doing yourself especially if you suspect a pest infestation.

Professionals know what they are doing when it comes duct cleaning and can get your system operating at its optimal level and clean air pumping through your home or office in no time. When you trust the professionals to clean your ducts you get to spend valuable time looking after family or running your business.

Talk to us at Wizard Cleaning about our competitive prices and free quotes for cleaning out your ducts.