Do you find it a challenge to keep your home tidy and organised? Having a home cleaning schedule can help you. Many might think that a home cleaning schedule is just a long list of chores that you need to force yourself to do on a daily or weekly basis, but it really is a useful guide that allows you to tackle cleaning tasks with ease.  If you don’t follow a cleaning schedule yet, here are some reasons why you should create one for your household.


Prioritise tasks

A home cleaning schedule enables you to see what task you need to prioritise. You don’t have to do the chores all at the same time. For example, clearing out the trash or scrubbing and deodorising toilets and sinks will be more urgent than washing the windows. In this way, you can focus your energy on daily chores that demand your immediate attention and set the more labour intensive tasks to weekly or even monthly timings.

Delegate tasks

Do you ever think that your family members don’t seem to see the chores that need to be done? Or perhaps you’re frustrated that nobody seems to be pitching in. Maybe they’re not helping because they don’t know what chores you need help with. Having a home cleaning schedule can change that. Once you have one, print it and put it where everyone can see it, such as on the fridge or pantry door for example. The entire family will then know the expectations and you can go ahead and assign tasks for each family member to be responsible for.

Schedule a professional cleaning service on time

There might be a few times within the year that you will need professional cleaning such as carpet cleaning or tile and grout cleaning. Professional carpet cleaning is recommended every 12 months or more frequently for homes with children and pets. Keeping a home cleaning schedule allows you to see when you will require these services, so you can pencil in a booking ahead of time. This is helpful especially during peak season, which is usually before the Christmas holidays.

Prevent mess from piling up

Nobody likes to spend the entire day cleaning. With a home cleaning schedule, you do the chores a little at a time, preventing dust and clutter from piling up. Without any accumulated mess, you get to avoid marathon cleaning sessions.

Make your home always presentable to guests

Surprise visit from family or friends? You don’t have to make a mad dash to put away clutter or feel embarrassed about the mess. By following a home cleaning schedule, you can be confident that your house always looks presentable to your guests.

Spend quality time with the family

Contrary to what many may believe, a home cleaning schedule does not need to occupy every hour of your day. Create one that best works for you and your family’s needs. It should adjust to your schedule instead of the other way around. For a guide on creating a cleaning schedule that will best serve your household’s needs, read our blog on starting a successful cleaning roster for your home.

You will find that a home cleaning schedule allows you to get chores done and out of the way so that you can free up time to spend with your family. Plus, having a tidy and organised living space makes quality time much more fun, safer and comfortable for everyone.

We recommend that you go ahead and create a home cleaning schedule to guide you in managing your household. If maintaining a clean home is one of your New Year’s resolutions this 2017, then a cleaning schedule is definitely helpful. If you need to include professional carpet cleaning, tile and grout cleaning and duct cleaning services in your cleaning roster, call Wizard on 0438 554 830.