We know that cleaning probably doesn’t top the list of your favourite activities. While there may be a few who genuinely enjoy cleaning, most of us may feel resigned to do household chores out of pure necessity. If you need some tips and tricks to make cleaning a less daunting and more enjoyable activity, here is our cleaning guide for people who hate cleaning.


Clutter tends to build up quickly. When you have a lot of it, keeping the house tidy and organised then becomes a challenge. To make cleaning much easier, purge your house of items that you are not using including those you are saving for ‘just in case’. This can make your home instantly tidier, and with minimal effort!

Clean as you go

If you’re in the bathroom and notice that the sink is a bit dirty, give it a scrub down while you’re in there. If you’re walking from room to room and notice a piece of lint on the floor, pick it up right away. If you see anything that is out of place, straighten it up quickly. Cleaning as you go doesn’t require you to spend more than 5 minutes tidying up and it contributes to all efforts to keep your home clean and organised.

Do a 10-minute pick up before going to bed

Ask everyone in the house to pitch in and do a 10-minute pick up in the evening. Use this time to put away clutter, throw rubbish in the bin, check that the dishes have been washed, and that all cleaning tasks for the day are done. It won’t take long and by the time you and your family members are done, the house will look so much tidier!

Go paperless

Bills, receipts, magazines – these can quickly accumulate in your home and create so much clutter. To prevent paper clutter from building up, go paperless where possible. Switch your accounts online so that you get your bills through email instead of through post. Organise your magazines in a magazine rack.

Clean while waiting

Are you waiting for the microwave to beep? Or waiting for your favourite program to go back on after a round of advertisements? Why not do a little cleaning as you wait? You don’t have to finish the task, just do a little bit while waiting. You can start emptying the dishwasher, dusting the living room, or putting stuff away. Completing these little cleaning tasks accumulate and before you know it, you would have done a whole lot of cleaning with minimal time and effort.

Clean by task, instead of by room

Instead of focusing on cleaning entire rooms, pick one task (dusting for example) and go through one room to another dusting up and down, left and right. This helps you move faster because you’re not constantly switching tasks or equipment.

Make your bed every morning

It sounds so simple, but it’s something that most of us are too lazy to do. Making your bed every morning can make your room look much tidier and it only takes a few minutes. Plus, it sets the tone for the day so that you’re more inclined to keeping everything neat and organised.

Delegate cleaning tasks

We know it can be difficult to get the rest of the family to do their part of the cleaning, but you will need help. If you’re the only one doing all the work, soon enough you’ll become tired and resentful. Assign cleaning tasks to each family member. For example, younger children are assigned to put their toys away every night while older children may be assigned to clear away plates and put rubbish in the bin. Your partner can be assigned to help with the scrubbing of tiles or more difficult tasks. Working as a team will help you get more work done and you can motivate each other to stick to cleaning routines.

Do chores in little bits

Wash plates as soon as you’re done eating. Do a load of laundry every morning or when you get home from work. Doing chores little by little prevents work from piling up. It’s easier to wash two plates than 15. Similarly, it’s easier to wash a few clothes everyday than spend an entire Saturday doing the laundry.

Use baskets

Do you have young children who leave their toys in the living room? Throw the toys into a basket! Are there toiletries all over the bathroom counter? Throw them into a basket! Having baskets in strategic locations all over your house can help you tidy up mess and control clutter. Baskets also come in a wide range of styles, so you can select ones that best suit the decor of your home.

Listen to your favourite playlist or an audiobook

Chores can be made more enjoyable when you keep yourself entertained. Listen to your favourite music or audiobook while doing your cleaning tasks and time will fly. Before you know it, you’ll have finished your chores for the day and feel good about doing them too!

When needed, ask help from the cleaning experts

We know that there may be bigger cleaning tasks that you can’t tackle on your own. If your carpet has stains or deep-seated dirt and grime that you can’t clean yourself or if your tiled surfaces need a thorough clean, it’s time to call in the experts. Professional cleaning services such as steam carpet cleaning, tile and grout cleaning, or duct cleaning not only clean these areas of your home, but they also help in giving you and your family a safe and healthy living environment.

If you need to schedule professional carpet cleaning, tile and grout cleaning or duct cleaning, please don’t hesitate to call us at Wizard. We know fully well the importance of having a clean and healthy home and would be happy to help you with your cleaning efforts. Call us at 0438 554 830.