Regularly Steam Cleaning Carpets Will Damage Them

A very common thing that we hear in the carpet cleaning industry is a customer saying, “a friend told me that regularly steam cleaning carpets will damage them”.  It’s a great question as it clears the air, but the answer is very simple; no. Regularly steam cleaning carpets will not damage them.  It’s actually really good for them!

Regularly steam cleaning carpets won’t damage them

By regularly steam cleaning your carpets you can expect them to appear brighter in colour and also softer in texture.  There is a misconception where many think that by regularly steam cleaning your carpets they will lose their colour and texture. It’s really quite the opposite. By having them professionally steam cleaned, most of the dust and built-up dirt in your carpets will be removed. By removing these nasties from your carpets you will notice a more natural colour coming back to them. Furthermore, the longer you leave your carpets without cleaning them means the faster that they will wear.

How often should I get my carpets professionally steam cleaned?

For standard, domestic carpets we recommend having them professionally steam cleaned every 6 months.  This allows enough time for your carpets to collect the dust and bacteria that they’re going to collect, and then to remove them without them becoming too much of a nuisance for family members affected by allergies.

What’s involved with steam cleaning carpets?

At Wizard Cleaning we use an advanced method called ‘hot water extraction’ to steam clean your carpets.  With hot water extraction, our machines will spray extremely hot water onto your carpet before sucking it back up again.  It is therefore a pet/child friendly way of having your carpets thoroughly cleaned as we don’t use of aggressive chemicals.  Hot water extraction is extremely useful when tyring to give your carpets a deep, thorough clean throughout their fibres.  After the clean has been done, you’ll be surprised at how quickly your carpets will dry with a natural breeze.

For information on having your carpets steam cleaned feel free to contact one of our cleaning professionals on 0438 554 830.  You can also visit our carpet cleaning page HERE for more information.