It can be difficult and stressful to leave a rental home. Just at end of their lease, tenants are typically overwhelmed by the task of restoring the building to its pre-tenancy state. This indicates that a thorough cleaning is necessary to remove accumulated dust, filth, difficult stains, oil, mold, mildew, and bacteria from every crevice. This cleaning is also known as end-of-lease of lease cleaning or vacate cleaning. Whereas a landlord inspects every square inch of the property before releasing the bond money, it is more exact and requires extra care.

Vacate cleaning, to put it simply, is the process of sweeping, wiping, scouring, and sanitizing rental properties after the end of the tenancy in accordance with the standard checklist. The lease stipulates that in order to receive their entire bond back, tenants must conduct a comprehensive end-of-lease cleaning before the inspection process.

Here are some main considerations on why it’s essential:

  • To Make Moving Out Process Easier ­- Owners or landlords have a provision for pre-occupation requirement return in the rental agreement itself. It is believed that the rental home would be in a reasonable state at the end of the lease
  • Retrieve Bond Money Refunded Dispute-FreeThe fact that it improves the chances of obtaining the bond money refunded is one of the most important reasons why end-of-lease cleaning is necessary for renters. You ought to think about hiring qualified, experienced move-out cleaners. They will do anything to aid in your recovery of the entire bond. The experts tidy up the property in accordance with the areas that landlords inspect specifically during the rental inspection
  • Maintains Sanitary Indoor Surroundings – Your bond money may be taken by the landlord if you leave the property in disarray so that it can be professionally cleaned. A fresh, safe, and sanitary indoor atmosphere is promoted when vacate cleaning is done carefully.

Let the experts at Wizard Cleaning Melbourne manage your end-of-lease Carpet Steam cleaning and ease the burden of moving out, which can be a stressful period in and of itself. We’ll provide you with a proof-of-clean receipt which can be supplied to the landlord or real waste agent in order to fulfil your lease requirements. For more information or to book, contact us at or call 0438 554 830.