Dry carpet cleaning vs. steam carpet cleaning.  It’s the battle that seems to spark many conversations.  To be honest, the answer depends upon the results you’re wanting to achieve.  Both methods of carpet cleaning are effective at removing stains.  It’s the way that they remove the stains and the impact they have on the health of your carpets which divides these two methods.

Dry Carpet Cleaning Melbourne

To start things off, we’re going to delve into dry carpet cleaning.  Contrary to what many believe, dry carpet cleaning is still a cleaning process that dose require water.  Although it doesn’t require as much water as steam carpet cleaning, it still requires some.

Dry carpet cleaning uses specialised chemicals to help lift stains from carpets.  It’s a combination of specific machinery and the right amount of solvent and water which gets the job done. Dry carpet cleaning works by binding the water with the solvent and then sucking it up through the cleaning machinery.  This method of carpet cleaning is great for those wanting to have a carpet that will be dry in the matter of 2 hours.  Unfortunately it does have its flaws though.  We’ll explore these a little later.

Steam Carpet Cleaning Melbourne

Steam carpet cleaning is considered on of the most effective ways for cleaning carpets whilst at the same time looking after their health.  Steam carpet cleaning uses a method called ‘hot water extraction’. This works by using specialised cleaning equipment that shoots hot water out into the carpet.  Simultaneously, a high-pressure sucking action occurs. This is what lifts all the stains and dirt from within the carpet fibres.  The drying time for steam carpet cleaning usually only takes a few hours.

Dry Carpet Cleaning Melbourne vs. Steam Carpet Cleaning Melbourne – Which is Better?

As we mentioned before, both of these methods of carpet cleaning are really effective when it comes to carpet stain removal.  Due to the dry carpet cleaning method using chemicals to remove stains, this can severely reduce the quality of your carpets in the long-run.  On the other hand, steam carpet cleaning doesn’t use any harsh chemicals to remove stains.  For this very reason, it’s the preferred cleaning method for most carpet manufacturing companies.

If you are therefore more concerned with achieving great results whilst at the same time looking after your carpets, then we can completely recommend steam carpet cleaning. It’s a fast, cost effective and amazingly efficient way to have your carpets looking almost new again.  Dry carpet cleaning on the other hand, will still get you great results, however it may not be the best option for your carpet’s health and longevity.

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