Have you heard the term clean return air? This is the air that is pushed back out of your ducted air system into your environment, if it has been regularly sanitised.

Let’s look at the 2 key reasons duct cleaning can benefit you and those around you:

Better Health with Cleaner Air:

If your ducted air vents are full of dust build up along with the accumulating germs, then they are filtered back in to your environment and cause many problems for you and your family or colleagues.

Do you really want this in your lungs? Take a look at a recent ducts we cleaned making a cleaner environment for our customer and their family:

With winter approaching fast, this is a peak season for cold, flu and other airborne diseases to spread. These viruses continue to float freely in open air yet become more concentrated as they are recirculated in confined areas and build up in your vents.

With regular occupancy in a traditional family home, think of all the contaminants, mold, residue and dust that is kicked up in to the air from your pets, carpets or cleaning product used. There is a reason here at Wizard, that we provide top to bottom expert cleaning. If you have not guessed it, the dirt and contaminants brought in to the home and embed themselves into your carpet, flooring or upholstery, are kicked up into the air and into your air system. As your air system filters the dust and grime particles and recycles it back out, this degrades the air quality and even settles back on to and in to your furniture and flooring fibres. Whilst you may regularly steam clean your carpets, do you consider your vents?

Consider high traffic environments such as your office or workplace. With toner particles omitted from the printers and fax machines, higher foot traffic and disrupted dust particles from the office carpets, the air quality has a shorter decent life span and is in need of regular maintenance and sanitisation.

Respiratory problems are on the rise and can be kept at a manageable level with a healthy clean breathing environment and better air quality. Whilst many medical options are available to assist those with respiratory issues, these problems are made easier to handle with cleaner air.

Time equals money:

The time it takes to organise and duct clean in your Melbourne home or office, will no doubt save you money when it comes to more efficient heating and cooling. A professional duct clean will save energy in the home or office and keep the dollars in your pocket.

When you experience respiratory problems this affects your productivity in the workplace and your ability to lead a manageable home life. Let’s face it, these days with increased pressure to be at work or lose paid hours, and/or manage a busy work life then a busy home life, time is of the essence. Time is precious and therefore creating a healthy environment both at home and the workplace, is equally important.

When it comes to workplace productivity, the cost to maintain clean air quality is insignificant to the cost with unwell staff. Ensure cleaner return air in your working environment to minimise sick days and ensure happier, healthier staff.

Rental properties are often forgotten when it comes to a regular duct clean, so be sure to get on to your landlord and ask for a regular duct clean.

There you have it. It makes more than “cents” to clean maintain and keep your ducts clean and sanitised.

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