Removing Mould from Carpets

Mould infestation in carpets is a common household issue, particularly in areas with high humidity or moisture. Not only does mould mar the aesthetic appeal of carpets, but it also poses health risks, triggering allergies and respiratory problems. Prompt and effective removal of mould is imperative to maintain a healthy indoor environment. In this comprehensive guide, we’ll explore various Ways to Effectively Clean Your Carpet

Identification of Mould:

Before initiating the removal process, it’s crucial to accurately identify mould infestation on carpets. mould typically appears as discoloured patches, often green, black, or white, with a musty odour accompanying its presence. Careful inspection of the carpet’s surface, especially in damp or poorly ventilated areas, can reveal mould colonies.

Dry Vacuuming:

For minor mould outbreaks, dry vacuuming is an initial step to remove surface mould and spores. Utilize a high-efficiency particulate air (HEPA) filter-equipped vacuum cleaner to prevent mould spores from dispersing into the air. Thoroughly vacuum the affected areas, including the carpet surface and surrounding areas.

Baking Soda Treatment:

Baking soda, renowned for its absorbent and deodorizing properties, is effective in combating mould on carpets. Sprinkle generous amounts of baking soda over the mould-infested areas and allow it to sit for several hours or overnight. Vacuum the treated areas afterwards to remove both mould and baking soda residue.

Vinegar Solution:

Vinegar, a natural disinfectant, serves as an eco-friendly remedy for mould removal. Create a solution by mixing equal parts of white vinegar and water in a spray bottle. Liberally spray the solution onto the mould-infested carpet, ensuring thorough coverage. Let the solution penetrate the carpet fibres for approximately one hour before blotting with clean towels. Repeat the process until the mould is eradicated.

Hydrogen Peroxide Solution:

Hydrogen peroxide is another potent mould remediation agent due to its antifungal properties. Mix hydrogen peroxide (3% concentration) with water in a 1:5 ratio and pour it into a spray bottle. Apply the solution directly onto the mould-infested areas and let it sit for 10-15 minutes. Use a clean cloth to blot the treated areas, removing both mould and residual solution. Ventilate the room adequately during and after application.

Steam Cleaning:

Steam cleaning is highly effective in killing mould spores and removing stubborn stains from carpets. Utilize a steam cleaner equipped with an upholstery attachment for optimal results. Steam clean the affected areas meticulously, ensuring thorough penetration into the carpet fibres. The high temperatures generated by steam not only eliminate mould but also sanitize the carpet surface.

Professional Carpet Cleaning Services:

In severe cases of mould infestation or extensive carpet damage, seeking professional carpet cleaning services is advisable. Professional Melbourne carpet cleaning possesses specialized equipment and expertise to tackle mould effectively while ensuring minimal disruption to the carpet’s integrity. Additionally, they employ industry-standard disinfectants and treatments to inhibit mould regrowth.

Prevention Measures:

Preventing mould recurrence is paramount to maintaining a mould-free carpet environment. Implement preventive measures such as ensuring proper ventilation, controlling indoor humidity levels, promptly addressing water leaks or spills, and using moisture-resistant carpet padding. Regular vacuuming and periodic deep cleaning also aid in mould prevention.

Use of Commercial Mould Removers:

Commercial mould removers, available in various forms such as sprays, powders, or concentrated solutions, offer convenience and potency in eliminating mould from carpets. These products often contain specialized ingredients designed to dissolve mould and inhibit its regrowth. Follow the manufacturer’s instructions carefully, and conduct a patch test on a small, inconspicuous area of the carpet before widespread application.

Borax Treatment:

Borax, a naturally occurring mineral compound, is an effective mould inhibitor and cleaner. To utilize borax for mould removal, dissolve half a cup of borax in a gallon of hot water. Transfer the solution to a spray bottle and apply it liberally onto the mould-infested carpet. Scrub the affected areas gently with a soft-bristled brush to ensure thorough coverage. Allow the borax solution to dry completely before vacuuming the carpet.

Sunlight Exposure:

Sunlight exposure serves as a natural mould deterrent and can aid in the removal of mould from carpets. If feasible, move the affected carpet outdoors to a sunny area and lay it flat on a clean surface. Sunlight exposure not only helps to dry out moisture trapped within the carpet fibres but also harnesses the ultraviolet (UV) rays’ disinfecting properties to kill mould spores. Leave the carpet exposed to sunlight for several hours, periodically flipping it over to ensure even exposure.

Tea Tree Oil Solution:

Tea tree oil, renowned for its antifungal and antibacterial properties, is an effective natural remedy for mould removal. Create a solution by mixing two teaspoons of tea tree oil with two cups of water in a spray bottle. Shake the bottle well to ensure thorough mixing. Spray the tea tree oil solution directly onto the mould-infested areas of the carpet and allow it to air dry. Tea tree oil not only eliminates mould but also imparts a pleasant scent to the carpet.


Effectively removing mould from carpets requires a combination of meticulous cleaning methods, eco-friendly solutions, and preventive measures. Prompt identification and intervention are crucial to mitigating health hazards associated with mould infestation. By following the outlined methods and adopting preventive strategies, homeowners can safeguard their carpets and promote a healthier indoor environment for their families.

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