Cleaning the tiles

Christmas is fast-approaching, and aside from food and gift preparation, prepping up your home for the most wonderful time of the year is also a must. Since Christmas is the time for family gatherings and parties at home, you have to make sure that your home-especially your tiles, is clean and moisture-free.

Worry no more! Wizard Tile & Grout Cleaning is here to help you achieve clean and oil-free tiles that will impress your relatives and guests for Christmas! Along with tile and grout cleaning, here are the home preparations you need before Christmas Day:

1. Clear Out The Clutter

Before you start welcoming the holiday season, it is important to clear out the clutter in your house to create space for your Christmas decorations. Check rooms, shelves, and surfaces to remove the things you no longer use or want to display. This way, you will have a clear space for all the decorations you want to set up-including your Christmas tree!

2. Organise Home Decors

Now that you have more space, it is time to set your theme for Christmas. If you have to rearrange furniture or replace some home decor, do so! If you are planning to buy new home decor for the holidays, it’s best to organise the old home decor and set up space for new ones. 

3. Tidy Up your Furniture

Welcoming your guests is the most exciting part of the holidays. Be sure you will give them the best experience staying at your home by cleaning your furniture, including drawers, mirrors, and windows. You can already start vacuuming your sofas and wiping your wooden furniture with a cloth. Doing this will save you from long hours of cleaning before d-day.

4. Start Floor Tile and Grout Cleaning

As soon as your guests land their feet on your house, they will first notice your floor. You would not want to leave a bad impression with dirty, oily, and dull floor tile and grout. That’s why you need Wizard Tile & Grout Cleaning. This cleaning method brings your tiled floors or areas back to life – removing hard-to-reach scum, dirt, and grime. 

So, if you want a new-looking tiles and grout for Christmas, work with our cleaning experts and experience quality professional tile cleaning at competitive prices. Need a quote? Call us now at 0438 554 830.