How Often Should I have my Carpets Steam Cleaned?

This is a question that we are often asked and the answer is that the need is different for everyone. While that doesn’t sound very helpful, it actually makes sense. Every family has different cleaning needs because they have different lifestyles, and there’s no sense cleaning a carpet that doesn’t need it, is there?

In general, you should have your carpets professionally cleaned every 12 months. There are two reasons for this. Firstly, Australian Standard 3733 recommends carpets in domestic premises be professionally maintained every 12 months at a minimum. Secondly, and probably to be in line with Australian Standards, most quality carpet manufacturers also recommend professional cleaning at least every 12 months to meet warranty requirements. When your carpets are cleaned regularly, it prolongs carpet life.

There are variations to the 12 month rule, however, and these are some of them.

Children: If you have children, your carpet will take a beating from little feet running through your rooms. It’s likely to have dirt and spills, often in places you least expect. (How do they get dirt in there?) It’s probably also going to have a lot of foot traffic as your kids run in and out, followed by the many school friends they bring home.

When carpet experiences this kind of use, it will need cleaning more often. It would not be unusual for your carpets to need cleaning every 9 months, but you will need to gauge this for yourself. Keep an eye on the high traffic areas and look for discolouration and sticky marks. They are your signs to call the carpet cleaner.

Pets: If you have pets who spend their time primarily indoors with you, your carpets may need cleaning at between 6 – 9 months.  If your pet is old and becoming incontinent, you will need to book in for a professional clean every 6 months. If you have no pet urine issues, your carpets will be fine for up to 9 months.

Gradually, though, pet hair, dirt, dander and whatever they’ve rolled in will find its way into the pile and settle. Sometimes you might not see a dirty patch but you may smell that unmistakeable pet odour or, if you sit on the carpet, find your skin becoming irritated.  A regular professional steam clean will remove all the built up dirt buried in the carpet pile.

Singles or couples:  If you live alone or are part of a couple that does not have to share their home with children or pets, your carpets won’t need cleaning quite as often. On average, you should arrange professional cleaning of your carpets every 2 years. There will be exceptions, of course, especially if you like to throw parties or entertain guests.  Spills from food and drink are tough on carpets so you might need to arrange an annual cleaning to maintain your carpet quality.

End of lease cleans: Sometimes the decision is taken out of your hands. While there are no tenancy laws demanding you have your carpets professionally cleaned at the end of your lease, some landlords and agents may write it into your lease as a special clause.  While the law is pretty vague on whether or not this is enforceable, it’s often easier just to have them cleaned so you can claim your bond back.

So, how often do you need to have your carpets steam cleaned? Take a look at the way you are using your space, follow our guidelines, and your carpets will be clean and look good for many years to come.

If you would like some advice about cleaning your carpets, feel free to give Wizard Cleaning a call. We’re here to help you.