As restrictions ease across the state of Victoria, many employers are looking to get an office cleaning in Melbourne. This is an important step to take not only before your employees return back to the office, but a regular process that should be established once the office resumes its operations. We’ve outlined a few tips below to help you manage this transitionary period.

How to Clean Your Office Desk

If your office building is one of the many empty workplaces throughout Melbourne, you will need a plan of action on how to clean your office desk to help minimise the spread of viruses. According to the Safe Work Australia guidelines on workplace cleaning, you should start by washing all surfaces with a mix of detergent and water. It’s important you do this before disinfecting so that you are disinfecting the physical surfaces, and not just the layer of dirt covering them. After you have cleaned the desks, use your disinfectant of choice, leaving on for the recommended amount of time. The easiest solutions to find will be (diluted) bleach or cleaners with an alcohol level of over 70%.

How to Clean an Office Professionally

Besides the desks and communal areas in your office (including the kitchen, bathrooms, etc.), it’s important to pay some attention to the cleanliness of your floors as well. Tiled floors and carpets harbour bacteria, grime and allergens that you should remove from the workplace before inviting employees back in. The best way to accomplish this is by hiring a professional floor cleaner. With Wizard Cleaning, you can rest easy knowing we have full liability insurance and an expert team of cleaners – meaning you can invite your employees back into a professionally cleaned and hygienic work environment.

While you are completing your office cleaning in Melbourne, it is important to remember that you should take the proper precautions for your own health and safety. This includes using gloves and goggles to protect yourself from any bacteria as well as any harsh cleaning ingredients. Our team at Wizard Cleaning will also come prepared with their own PPE and follow social distancing guidelines – keeping yourself, your employees, and the workspace safe.

Should you have any questions about our office cleaning services in Melbourne including our tile, grout, and carpet cleaning services, don’t hesitate to reach out. Ring us at 0438 554 830 or leave us an enquiry HERE.