Is your office scheduled to take a break over the new year? With staff out on holidays, this might be the perfect opportunity to get every office nook and cranny thoroughly cleaned. Having a clean office when the staff return can do wonders for their morale and productivity, setting a good start to 2017.

If you normally employ a commercial cleaning service for daily cleaning tasks around the office, then you might want to use this break to focus on areas that cleaners do not give particular attention to. Commercial cleaners are efficient in following the standard office cleaning schedule but expertise is required when you want to give your carpeted areas, tiled surfaces, and air ducts a more detailed clean. In this article, we give you a list of cleaning services you should consider booking during the office break and why.


Steam Carpet Cleaning

For high traffic areas vacuuming or regular dry carpet cleaning will not suffice. This only removes dirt from the surface. It may improve the appearance of your carpet, but it does not remove dirt and grime trapped within the carpet fibres.

Steam carpet cleaning not only cleans your carpet surface, but reaches carpet fibres to remove germs, dirt and grime that may have accumulated over a period of time. Why book a steam carpet cleaning service? Because it not only cleans your carpet at the surface, but it also gives a deep clean, eliminating germs and bacteria which may cause allergies or illnesses. Steam carpet cleaning helps ensure a healthy environment at your workplace, meaning less sick days.

Tile and Grout Cleaning

Tiled surfaces, especially in the kitchen and bathrooms, are the perfect place for mould and bacteria to breed. These areas are often wet or moist, the exact conditions needed by disease-causing bacteria and germs to grow and multiply.

A professional tile and grout cleaning service not only cleans tiles at the surface, but it also removes deep-seated scum, dirt and grime. Tile and grout cleaning can eliminate germs that our everyday cleaning tools can’t kill, such as the unhealthy black mould that grows in between tiles. It helps in getting rid of harmful microorganisms lurking on tiled surfaces and creates a healthier environment for your staff. Plus, it keeps your tiled surfaces looking fresh!

Duct Cleaning

Duct cleaning may not be a usual item on the office cleaning checklist, so an office break may be a good time to pay special attention to this. Duct cleaning greatly improves air quality, reducing the risk of allergies in the workplace. It also helps to efficiently cool and heat the office, keeping your staff comfortable as they work.

Clear air ducts also contribute to the overall cleanliness of the workplace. If ducts are covered in dust, they will constantly be spewing these particles into the air, making it impossible to keep the office clean and wreaking havoc on the staff’s health. For a truly safe and healthy workplace, consider annual duct cleaning.

Lounge Cleaning

If you receive customers at your office, clean sofas, couches and chairs are a basic must. A professional lounge cleaning service ensures that your furniture is free of odour, dirt and stains. A clean and organised office gives your customers a positive impression of your business and sets the stage for more winning opportunities in the new year.

Call Wizard Carpet, Tile and Grout Cleaning if you need steam carpet cleaning, tile and grout cleaning, duct cleaning and upholstery cleaning for your office. With our professional cleaning services, we are the partner you can rely on to ensure your workplace is healthy and inviting for a fresh start in 2017. Call us on 0438 554 830 and book our professional cleaning services.