Steam Carpet Cleaning

Carpet offers several benefits for your home and day. First and foremost, a carpeted floor is a safer floor. The soft surface and cushioned under-padding reduce the impact of a fall and the likelihood of it happening in the first place. Carpet is inherently slip-resistant, meaning it’s harder to slip and fall. But most of the time, we worry that carpets tend to absorb large spills into the pads underneath. And not knowing how to take care of your carpet, you might think to keep or dispose of it. So here’s a solution, with Wizard Cleaning, your professional help will save your carpet by steam cleaning! We want you to keep the warmth on your feet during winter and the softness during summer when you walk barefoot across your carpets. 

Wizard Cleaning for Steam Carpet Cleaning

Unlike dry cleaning, our steam cleaning process penetrates deeply to remove germs, dirt, and odors. Steam cleaning can reduce dust, allergens, and bacteria and improve carpet appearance and lifespan.

Our products are pet-friendly, child safe, and eco-friendly. We use biodegradable products, ensuring a clean and safe environment for your family and workplace.

Hot Water Extraction

The Hot Water Extraction method is the best steam cleaning method available. Hot Water Extraction provides a deep and thorough clean, enhancing the appearance of your carpet. It is more effective than other methods at removing dirt and grime trapped deep within the fibers.

For an overview, upon arrival to your property, our carpet cleaning specialists will assess your carpet and determine their approach to cleaning your carpet. For regular stains and soiling, we will apply a pre-spray shampoo with active ingredients to loosen the dirt and stain, which assists in the outcome. To target specific and heavy stains, we will apply one of our specialised products before steam cleaning your carpets for deeper cleaning.

Save your Carpets with Wizard Cleaning

Let us save your carpets! Let us keep your home warm, comfy, and healthier. Extend your carpets’ life spans and eliminate tough stains, unpleasant smells, and lingering odors. Hence, experience the benefits only professional carpet cleaners can provide. Call Wizard Cleaning today at 0438 554 830 to learn more about us.