It spring again.  It’s the season of longer days and warmer weather.  It’s also the season to get cleaning work done around the home.  For many people, spring cleaning can be a tough job with so many surfaces that need wiping, beddings that need washing and many other areas in the house that need vacuuming.

However, with the right tips and tricks, (and the right professional contacts!) you can make spring cleaning quite manageable.  Here are some tips on when you can DIY and when you should call in the experts for a professional clean.



It’s important to have a thoroughly clean carpet for spring to reduce the risk of allergies and potential health problems for your family members.  In this regard, book a professional carpet cleaning service.  If your carpet has stubborn stains, it would also be best to call in the experts to have those removed.  Wizard offers steam carpet cleaning that does not only give your carpet a clean appearance, but also removes dirt and grime trapped in the carpet fibres for a complete clean.

Do you have a pet?  Pet hair can quickly accumulate on your carpet.  One DIY trick to remove pet fur on carpet is to use a window squeegee.  Simply comb it over carpets and fabric furniture to get rid of pet fur.  However, doing this can only clean the surface of your carpet.  To ensure that no pet fur remains in between carpet fibres, we would still recommend a professional carpet cleaning service.

Tiled surfaces

To clean tiles, you can pour 1/2 cup of baking soda into 2 gallons of water and mix well.  Apply this with a string mop or sponge mop.  You can also apply the same mixture to clean the grout.  But doing this only cleans the surface and tough stains may still persist.

For a complete clean that removes germs, dirt and grime from your tiles and grout, we recommend that you call the experts.  Wizards offer a professional tile and grout cleaning service that will make your tiled surfaces sparkle and also ensure a safe, healthy environment for your household.

Shelves and countertops

Take everything out of shelves and dust with a feather duster.  You can also use the dust brush on a vacuum to clean hard to reach areas or tight spots.

For countertops, the best way to prevent granite stains is to have it sealed by professionals.  You only need to have your countertops sealed once a year, perhaps do it during spring cleaning season.  After having it sealed by experts, you can simply wipe accidental spills as they happen.


Make sure you wipe your windows both inside and outside to make sure you remove spots and smudges.  A neat trick is to clean your windows on a cloudy day, so that the sun won’t dry up your cleaner before you get the chance to wipe it off.

Your closet

Spring cleaning is the best opportunity to organise your closet.  Throw out any clothes or accessories you no longer use and arrange the rest by colour or style, or any way that will help you make your everyday routine much easier.  Make sure to dust or vacuum inside the closet too.

Beddings and mattress

Read the labels of your pillow and comforter, to make sure it’s safe to wash them in the washing machine.  For your mattress, use the crevice tool on your vacuum to clean the surface and sides.  Then, use upholstery cleaners to spot clean stains.  Finish off with some disinfectant spray.

If you want a super thorough mattress clean that will get rid of any nasty bed-bugs, you may also want to consider a professional mattress steam clean.