In the professional carpet cleaning industry, we hear new carpet cleaning myths every day!  A lot of the myths we hear are ones that come about from “my friend told me that …”, or “I read on Google that …”, or “I heard that …”.  In hope of clearing up some of these stories, we dedicate this post to our favorite carpet cleaning myths.  If you’ve heard of some more, than feel free to send them through!

Carpet Cleaning Myths

Myth 1: My carpet won’t need cleaning in its first year

Fact: Even if your carpet isn’t in a high-traffic area, chances are it will still need cleaning. We recommend having your carpets professionally steam cleaned every 6-12 months.  If your carpet is new, the best way to preserve its beauty and softness is by having it professionally steam cleaned.

Myth 2: If my carpets don’t look dirty, they won’t need to be cleaned

Fact: Just because you can’t see dirt in your carpets doesn’t mean that they’re not dirty.  Small particulates can get embedded deep into the pile without you noticing.  More concerningly, bacteria and other germs can easily hide within your carpet’s fibers and are impossible for the naked eye to detect!

Myth 3: Steam cleaning causes carpets to have a build-up of mould/mildew

Fact: This is in fact, the opposite of the truth!  Professionally steam cleaning carpets should actually remove any mold from the carpet, not the opposite.  Professional carpet steam cleaning uses an advanced cleaning method called ‘hot water extraction’, which allows for a quicker drying time.

Myth 4: Professional carpet cleaning isn’t necessary if I clean my own carpets

Fact: Carpet owners can definitely clean their own carpets.  Actually, we encourage it.  By regularly vacuuming, you can pick up all the loose bits of dirt and dust before they become too engrained into the fibers.  But at least once per year, you should get a professional clean to keep your carpets in best condition.  Even if you rent your own carpet steam cleaning equipment, you will find the cost is not any better than coming to a professional and the result will often not be as good!

So there you have it, our top 4 favourite carpet cleaning myths. Although there are still many myths out there surrounding carpet cleaning and best practices, we’ve decided to just choose our top 4.  If you have any doubts with your carpet, then feel free to give our carpet cleaning professionals a call on 0438 554 830 or contact us here.  We’ll happily clear up any doubts you have!