The quality of the air we breath should be just as important a thought as to the quality of food we place in our mouths, or the exercise regime we invest so much time in.

Have you ever wondered around the house and swiped you finger across your coffee table, thinking, “Didn’t I just clean that?”. Or have you found yourself with respiratory issues when inside closed doors?

Meeting some of our clients with a child with Asthma, we can say first hand, how much more aware we are these days, of the importance of air quality in the environment these children are in. Whilst medications are advanced, we support the idea that prevention is better than cure. So we would like to share information about indoor air quality and what is actually hiding in your ducts.

Contaminants Hiding In Your Ducts:

Live in an old home or inner city? Ever heard the soft sound of tiny feet scurrying above your head while you sleep? Did you know rodent vermin is detrimental to those with respiratory problems? In fact it can be deadly.

Mold is also an inhibitor of efficiently working ducted systems. Not to mention pet dander and the almighty never ending dust of up to 40 pounds a year in a standard residential home. This contaminated air pushes out into your home and makes its way in to your lungs, on your clothes, and settles on your furniture and floors, only to be pushed back up in to your ducted system.

Remember what comes up must go down, and in high traffic areas, what is down always goes back up! We know dust mites cause health issues as they nest within our furniture, carpets and bedding, yet remember, their feces omit particles that filter in with general dust and once again, back into your ducts and throughout your home.

What Cleaning Your Ducts Will Do:

As mentioned above, clean ducts will vastly improve indoor air quality by maximising the efficiency of the system with dust build up being removed, and therefore reducing the chance of system failure. Not only will a duct clean reduce the dust intake in the first place, your respiratory system will thank you for it too!

Remember modern environments pose many health risks with all types of contaminants floating through the air. Outside pollutants such as lead and arsenic substances, can also filter into your duct system.

As we mentioned, prevention is better than cure, and not to mention less expensive. So now is the time with winter fast approaching, to book in a professional duct clean. We are renowned for our duct cleaning expertise and are more than happy to help you and your family breath easier.

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