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Best Way to Remove Carpet Stains – Tips From a Melbourne Cleaning Company

Carpet stains are never fun. Especially when you’ve just had some new carpets laid, or you’ve just had them cleaned.  The number one response for most people will be to type ‘best way to remove carpet stains’ into Google and try to find a solution that suits them best.  Whether you’ve spilt red wine on your carpets, or the children have knocked a juice on top of them, our tips for cleaning carpet stains will stay the same.


Common tile and grout cleaning mistakes

For many homeowners, their tiled surfaces whether in flooring, bathrooms, or kitchen counters and backsplashes is a significant investment. As tiles come in different types, they can be stylish and versatile when it comes to different designs and patterns, giving any home a beautiful pop of colour. Tiles can also add to a home’s cosy feel. Imagine cooking in a kitchen with a lovely white marble countertop and a warm blue tiled backsplash. Doesn’t that feel homey?


5 tile and grout cleaning tips

Many practical homeowners choose tiles for floors, showers, kitchen counters and backsplashes as tiles are stylish, versatile and offer design flexibility. Tiles are also durable and, with proper care, can last for many years. Finally, tiles are relatively easy to clean with a cloth and household cleaner or a mop.


4 top reasons to keep your carpets clean all year round

With all the reunions and parties over Christmas and New Year, the weeks leading to the highly anticipated year-end holidays are usually the busiest for professional carpet cleaning services. Of course, everyone wants their homes to look its best for their family and friends! While booking a pre-party carpet clean is highly recommended, you don’t need to wait until the end of the year to pay close attention to your carpet. There are several great reasons why you should take care of your carpet all year round.


Cleaning resolutions you should make for the new year

The new year is nearly here! If you’re like most people, you’re likely making new year’s resolutions with the aim to improve yourself or achieve your goals. Whether it’s losing weight, saving money, or learning something new, we’ve all made new year’s resolutions! This time, why not include a couple of cleaning resolutions to your list?


6 common holiday party carpet stains and how to remove them

The holidays are just around the corner! Christmas and New Year are normally celebrated with dinners and parties with family and friends. As fun and exciting as they are, hosting these gatherings can leave our home a mess! In all the excitement of the celebrations, carpet stains in particular seem to be unavoidable especially if you have a big crowd of adults and children together. Here are the 6 common holiday party carpet stains and how you can remove them.


5 quick ways to make your home ready for the holidays

For many people, the holidays are best spent with family and friends. Whether it’s Christmas, New Year, or Easter these are the perfect occasions to gather those who are closest and dearest to you. But hosting a holiday party is not an easy feat. Some of the key elements to ensure a successful party include a fantastic holiday feast, overflowing (and age-appropriate) drinks, and a house to impress! All these require planning and preparation.


5 tile types and the best way to clean them

Well-maintained and clean tiles not only add to the beauty of our home, but also ensure a safe and healthy indoor environment for everyone. With proper care and maintenance, tiles can look as fresh as they did when they were first laid out. Take a look at the type of tile in your flooring, kitchen, or bathrooms. Different tile types require different cleaning methods. Here are the 5 commonly used tiles and the best ways to clean them.


Common tile and grout problems and how to solve them

Keeping your tiled surfaces clean is crucial to maintaining a safe and healthy home or office environment. Our tiled surfaces in kitchens and bathrooms in particular are the perfect places for fungus and mould to breed in. These germs potentially breeding in our tiled surfaces can cause various types of contagious infections including the common cold, flu and enteritis.


Most common carpet problems and how to solve them

Are you starting to see some wear and tear on your carpet? Are you worried about deep indentations on your carpet or some unsightly discoloured patches? We all love the look and feel of beautiful carpets in our home, but many of us may not be aware of the potential carpet problems we may face. Not to worry because there are always solutions to these issues. Here are the most common carpet problems and how you can solve them.


6 tips for removing dog smell from carpets and couches

Did you know that, as of 2016, an estimated 62% of Australian households are home to a pet? And with a population of approximately 4.8 million, dogs remain the most loved pet among families. We’re clearly fond of them and consider them as part of the family, but if you’re one of the 3.6 million households who own a dog or two, then you would know the havoc they can sometimes cause at home, particularly on our carpets and furniture!


The biggest commercial carpet cleaning mistakes

For any business owner, maintaining a clean office is of utmost importance. A well-maintained workplace is a reflection of the business and sends a positive message to customers. It also enhances staff morale and productivity as team members are able to work more efficiently in an organised and safe environment. Finally, a clean workplace that is regularly disinfected and sanitised can also keep the staff healthy!


Expert carpet cleaning tips for the office

Proper carpet care is often a complicated part of commercial cleaning and facility management. With the range of cleaning products and commercial carpet cleaning services available, selecting the correct ones to use in your office can be a confusing task.


6 ways to motivate kids to help in cleaning the home

If you’re a parent, chances are you’ve had some challenge in getting your children to help in doing the household chores. If you’re feeling frustrated from constantly having to nag or plead for them to clean their rooms or put away their toys, it’s time to do something different. In these cleaning tips, we give you some ways how you can motivate the kids to help in cleaning the home.


7 cleaning tips to keep your home clean and cosy in winter

Many of us will spend most of our time at home during winter as we try to escape the cold and wetness of the outdoors. Indeed, it’s the perfect season to relax and lounge around, with a warm cup of cocoa in our hands and a good book or movie to keep us company.


The benefits of carpet cleaning in winter

If you think that carpet cleaning should only be done during spring and summer, you may want to reconsider. Apart from making your home more comfortable and cosy during winter, there are other good reasons why you should have your carpets cleaned professionally even during the colder seasons.


Wizard's Guide to Carpet Cleaning

As dedicated professional cleaners, Wizard knows the importance of cleaning and caring for your carpet. This is why we use only the best method for carpet cleaning and provide you with resources to help you care for your carpet in between professional cleanings. In this article, we provide you a guide to carpet cleaning, with useful cleaning tips and practical information about carpet cleaning.


Why men hate cleaning and what you can do about it

Have you ever been frustrated when asking the men in your home to help clean up? It may be your husband, brother, or son, but their response would be most likely the same. “In a minute!”, they’ll say but it actually takes them an hour before they half-heartedly get up and do the chore you’ve set out for them to do.


Carpet cleaning tip: How to care for high traffic areas

We all love the look and feel of lush and clean carpets. It truly is something that makes our homes beautiful and comfortable. Unfortunately, our carpets can experience wear and tear especially if we have a big, active family or if we keep pets inside the home.


The truth behind common carpet cleaning myths

Carpeting is an investment that not only creates a beautiful and comfortable living space for you and your family, but it also adds value to your home. This is why it’s important that you always have correct information on how you can best take care of your carpet and prolong its life.


Wizard’s cleaning guide for people who hate cleaning

We know that cleaning probably doesn’t top the list of your favourite activities. While there may be a few who genuinely enjoy cleaning, most of us may feel resigned to do household chores out of pure necessity. If you need some tips and tricks to make cleaning a less daunting and more enjoyable activity, here is our cleaning guide for people who hate cleaning.


Our favourite carpet cleaning memes

We know that cleaning isn’t exactly a walk in the park. It can get tedious and time-consuming, but it needs to be done. Carpet cleaning, in particular, can require a lot of work especially if you need to vacuum the carpet regularly or DIY carpet stain removal.


Autumn Cleaning Checklist

We feel the chill in the air and have longer nights. Yes, it’s definitely autumn. While you may focus your cleaning efforts during spring, it’s good to be able to get a fair amount of cleaning done in autumn as well, to prepare your home for cold weather.


Why you should create a cleaning schedule for your home

Do you find it a challenge to keep your home tidy and organised? Having a home cleaning schedule can help you. Many might think that a home cleaning schedule is just a long list of chores that you need to force yourself to do on a daily or weekly basis, but it really is a useful guide that allows you to tackle cleaning tasks with ease.  If you don’t follow a cleaning schedule yet, here are some reasons why you should create one for your household.


What you should know about carpet cleaning foams

It seems that carpet stains are unavoidable. No matter how careful we are or how many times we remind our family members to try and keep the carpet clean, we still manage to get coffee, red wine, juice or food grease on it. When this happens, we get the urge to spot treat our carpet which usually may involve the use of a carpet cleaning foam.


From brooms to vacuums: A look at carpet cleaning throughout history

We know that cleaning can sometimes be a tedious chore, but have you ever considered how lucky we are to have vacuum cleaners, detergents and stain removers at hand? We have all the tools we need today to make cleaning a breeze. Our predecessors didn’t have it so easy. Take a historical look at carpet and rug cleaning methods and see how this area of cleaning has evolved over the ages.


Office Cleaning Services You Should Book for The New Year

Is your office scheduled to take a break over the new year? With staff out on holidays, this might be the perfect opportunity to get every office nook and cranny thoroughly cleaned. Having a clean office when the staff return can do wonders for their morale and productivity, setting a good start to 2017.


Holiday season preparation: Make your home sparkling clean and party-proof

The Christmas and New Year holidays are always an exciting time to get together with family and friends. But is your house ready to receive your guests? If you’re feeling overwhelmed with the amount of housecleaning you need to do in preparation for the yuletide season, don’t fret. In this article, we give you some expert tips and cleaning hacks on how to make your home sparkling clean and party-proof for the holidays.


Wizard’s Guide to a Cleaner Christmas

The “most wonderful time of the year” is just around the corner. But with all the shopping, cooking, cleaning and entertaining that you need to do for Christmas, this cheerful season can quickly become a stressful time for you. In this article, we give you a guide to cleaning and preparing your home for the holidays, which can help lessen your stress and make Christmas a blissful time for you.


Office cleaning checklist: Keep productivity high with a clean workplace

Maintaining a clean office is crucial.  One reason is that your workplace is a reflection of your business.  It communicates your values to your customers.  If you want your customers to see you as a reliable service provider or business partner, start with a clean office.


Bacterial battlefields: How to clean and maintain your kitchen and bathrooms

Did you know that your kitchen and bathrooms are the perfect places for fungus and mould to breed in?  This is because these areas in our home are often wet or moist, the exact condition that disease-causing bacteria and germs love to thrive in.


Home cleaning schedule: Start a successful cleaning roster for your home

Keep your house spotless by creating a cleaning schedule.  By keeping a schedule, you know exactly when you should devote time to complete the chores, making the idea of cleaning an entire home less daunting.

In this article, we give you the run-down on scheduling your cleaning, and how to set a realistic cleaning schedule that works for you.


Spring cleaning 101 part 2: Final touches for a detailed cleaning and a happy, healthy home

When doing our annual spring cleaning, we get busy dusting cabinets, organising shelves and closets, and washing windows and floors.  One area that many people may tend to overlook is the air duct and vent.


Spring cleaning 101: When to DIY and when to call the experts

It spring again.  It’s the season of longer days and warmer weather.  It’s also the season to get cleaning work done around the home.  For many people, spring cleaning can be a tough job with so many surfaces that need wiping, beddings that need washing and many other areas in the house that need vacuuming.


What does your home or work space say about you?

When someone walks into your home or office, they can immediately decide whether you are clean and organised or messy and chaotic, based on how tidy or untidy your space is.  They may even discover what your interests are just by looking at the photos and mementos that you display.


How to Remove Common Office Carpet Stains

Most of us will jumpstart our day in the office by drinking a fresh cup of coffee. It’s a morning ritual that allows us to warm up before starting our work.  So you’re sipping your coffee while checking your emails, then you notice the dregs from your mug has reached the office floor! The result? Office carpet stains! Office carpet cleaning can be a challenge. While employees can wipe or mop their own mess, there are some instances when office carpets will encounter major staining.


How to Choose The Right Steam Carpet Cleaning Company

As dedicated professional cleaners, Wizard knows that every carpet complements the look and feel of your living room or office. However, is the clean and tidy appearance of your carpets enough to make you feel comfortable? Look beyond the surface and you might wonder “is cleaning my carpets annually enough?” Aside from the aesthetic value that your carpet provides, it’s important that you determine if the regularity of your carpet cleaning is helping or hindering your family’s health and well-being.


How to stay cosy this chilly Melbourne winter

It’s that time of year again… Melburnians are shivering through another long winter and reaching for the coats, jumpers and boots. Yes it’s cold, and we’d be lying if we said we’re not jealous of our friends planning coastal getaways or trips overseas. But winter doesn’t have to be completely bleak. One of the best things about the season is the chance to hibernate, rest and recharge at home. Here are Wizard’s tips on how to make your home the ultimate hibernation hub this year…


Condition report checklist for renters

Noting any small detail of damage to the place you’re moving out of is crucial to making sure you get your bond back when you leave. It’s important not to be tempted to buy supermarket carpet cleaning products as they contain bleaching agents that can cause damage to carpets.


Preserve the value of your furniture with upholstery cleaning

Have you ever considered professional upholstery cleaning for your beloved furniture? Odds are that you loved the living room furniture when you first bought it but now you look at it years later and it is not so nice after all of the wear and tear from family, friends and pets.

Upholstery cleaning specials melbourne

Commercial carpet cleaning keeps you looking professional

As a business, do you have your carpets cleaned by a professional company or do you have an ad hoc approach to keeping your business clean? There are some very real benefits to commercial carpet cleaning your office that you may not be aware of because you are trying to save on costs.

On the surface it may look like you are saving money but it could turn out to be a false economy when you add up all of the pros and cons.


5 tips for getting your bond back when you vacate

Moving out of a rental property is such a stress. Packing everything up, moving it out and restoring the property to how it was when you moved in. Not easy to do. Here are our 5 tips for getting your bond back when you vacate because life is expensive enough without losing money when you move.


The problem with pets and carpet cleaning

We love them, in fact we can’t live without them yet we will always have a problem with pets and carpet cleaning especially if they have a habit of spreading little accidents around inside your home. Here are our best tips on dealing with the presents your furry best friends may leave you.


Refresh and deodorise your lounge suite

Lounge suites are the centre of family living. Kids jump on them, pets sleep on them when you are not looking and you collapse on them at the end of an exhausting day. They get grungy and dirty and start to smell so what are your options for making your lounge suite like new and without the odour of wet dog.

Upholstery cleaning specials melbourne

5 tips for cleaning spills on your carpet

Kids, animals, party guests and even yourself, it is impossible to keep your carpet free of spills. Accidents happen and the way that you deal with things spilt on your carpet is what’s going to keep your carpet looking great.

signs ducts need cleaning

3 Signs That Your Ducts Need Cleaning

We often forget duct cleaning in our homes and offices. Only the external openings of your system are visible but there is a complex series of connected tubes that deliver heating and cooling throughout the building that rely on the ducts to operate efficiently.

How often should you have your ducts cleaned? There are no hard and fast rules on this as it will often depend on the operating environment. Here are our three to things to look for to indicate that your ducts need some attention:

Clean shower grout

How to Clean the Grout in Your Shower

Tile and grout cleaning in the shower is one of those tasks that everyone hates to tackle. It’s difficult and time-consuming and a huge amount of elbow grease is needed to get even mediocre results.

The key thing is not only to get the area looking sparkling clean but also to ensure that you don’t damage any of the surfaces.

Carpet Cleaning Childcare Centre floors

How Clean are the Floors in Your Childcare Centre?

A Childcare Centre must be clean to comply with government regulations for the health and safety of the children. Walls, toilets and even the ceiling needs regular inspection but how often do you check the Childcare Centre floors?

DIY carpet cleaning Melbourne

Why DIY Carpet Cleaning is Not a Good Idea

DIY carpet cleaning seems like an excellent idea until you rent the cleaner from your local supermarket, buy the required chemicals and struggle to manoeuvre the machine into your car.


Christmas Cleaning

It’s not just the Christmas lights and decorations you want to sparkle at this time of year.  With guests coming and going, especially if you are hosting a gathering or two, a sparkling home is also desirable, even though chances are someone will spill gravy on your best linen and the house will be full of wrapping paper!


No matter how careful we are, accidents happen

No matter how careful we are, accidents happen. At some point in our lives we’ve all tipped the entire glass or bottle of red wine over the brand new white outfit, couch, or even carpet. Some stains you can deal with yourself, but there are others that you should always leave to a professional.


Could dirty carpet be causing your allergies

While you might be tempted to blame how you feel on the common cold, symptoms such as sneezing, a stuffy nose, itchy skin, unexplained rashes, watery eyes and coughing or wheezing are all commonly associated with allergies. Even though your healthcare professional can prescribe antihistamines and decongestants to help, allergies tend to be difficult to treat.


How Often Should I have my Carpets Steam Cleaned?

This is a question that we are often asked and the answer is that the need is different for everyone. While that doesn’t sound very helpful, it actually makes sense. Every family has different cleaning needs because they have different lifestyles, and there’s no sense cleaning a carpet that doesn’t need it, is there?


How to clean dirty floor tiles

Everyone tells you how easy tiles are to keep clean, so where are you going wrong? Why do your floor tiles look just as dirty now as they did before you mopped them? The answer might surprise you because the culprit may actually be one of your regular cleaning products. To find out which product is causing the problem and what to do about it, keep reading.


The best way to clean floor grout

If the thought of spending hours on your knees, scrubbing with a toothbrush at the grout between your floor tiles doesn’t sound like a great use of your time… Or if dabbling with chemical cleaners makes you cough just thinking about it… You might like to try these much better ways to bring your grout back to its original colour and cleanliness.

Blog Melbourne Clean Carpets

Top 5 Reasons for a regular Steam Carpet Clean

These days we are conscious of our health and that of our family. If you run a small business you are conscious of your reputation and the safety and well being of your employees and customers. So all the more reason to maintain an important cleaning regime, which includes carpet steam cleaning.

Day Care Floor Cleaning Melbourne
End of Lease Melbourne carpet cleaning blog

End of Lease and Vacate Cleaning Services
- How to get your bond back!

It may not matter how clean you keep your home or rental property, a professional clean can make it easier to get your bond back.
There is nothing more frightening than moving your furniture out after a long time in a rental property, and finding marks on the landlord’s carpet, or obvious tile and grout mess in the bathroom, laundry or kitchen. Find out how we can help.

Day Care Floor Cleaning Melbourne
Melbourne Carpet Cleaning Blog

What carpets are easy to clean and why

We have seen many carpets and become one with many fibres. If anyone knows a carpet or carpet fibre, its durability and reaction to different cleaning methods, the next best person to a carpet salesman is a professional carpet cleaner.

The appearance of your carpet is determined by the fibre and the way it is constructed, whether it be synthetic, natural or a blend of several fibres.

Is Dry Cleaning better than steam carpet cleaning blog

Is Dry Carpet Cleaning better than Steam Carpet Cleaning?

Steam cleaning provides much better results for both your carpets and upholstery, keeping in mind the materials must be suitable for such treatment. Find out more and read out blog today.

Upholstery cleaning specials melbourne
Tile and Grout Cleaning Melbourne Blog

Top 3 reasons for a professional Tile & Grout clean

Tiles are commonly laid in wet areas such as bathrooms, laundry, kitchens or restaurants and eateries. These areas are often high traffic areas in a damp and/or humid environment, creating a perfect breeding ground home to ever growing and evolving microorganisms.

These can evolve in to mould-based bacterias that can contribute to respiratory problems, digestive issues if transferred in to the body, plus contribute to many more common yet avoidable diseases.

So here are the top 3 reasons why you should book a professional tile and grout clean…

Blog - Rug CLeaning

The importance of Rug Cleaning

Here at Wizard we know the importance of a clean floor, from your carpet to your tiles and especially your rugs. Rugs house an alarming rate of bacteria and germs and are often the forgotten or least cleaned flooring item.

We all know that eliminating bacteria 100% is simply an impossible reality, however curbing bacteria and keeping it at a manageable level, is within our control.

Upholstery cleaning specials melbourne
Breather easy with a duct clean Blog

Duct Cleaning benefits at work or home

Have you heard of the term clean return air? This is the air that is pushed back out of your ducted air system into your environment, if it has been regularly sanitised.

Let’s look at the 2 key reasons duct cleaning can benefit you and those around you…

Carpet Stain Removal Blog Melbourne

Removing Carpet Spots & Stains

The type of soiling will determine the strength of the stain or spot and how deeply it embeds itself into the fibers of your rugs and carpets.

There are many types of stains and contaminants that come to make its home within your flooring. Commonly, the soiling of carpets is brought in on the soles of shoes, yet do not forget the contaminants that float in the air from cooking oils, dust, hair products and so on. Let’s look at the common types of stains and soils.

Duct Cleaning Services Melbourne

What's Hiding In Your Ducts?

The quality of the air we breath should be just as important a thought as to the quality of food we place in our mouths, or the exercise regime we invest so much time in.

Have you ever wondered around the house and swiped you finger across your coffee table, thinking, “Didn’t I just clean that?”. Or have you found yourself with respiratory issues when inside closed doors?

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