As the weather takes a slightly cooler turn in Melbourne, many old myths around carpet steam cleaning begin to resurface.  Depending on who you talk to, these theories can even sound quite convincing!

In this article, we’ll be exploring some of the myths around having your carpets steam cleaned during the cooler months. It’ll help to clear up some confusion and assist in ensuring that you’re making the right choice.

Myth 1 – it takes days for carpets to dry after steam cleaning in the cooler months

Many don’t actually realise this, but it actually takes almost the same time for your carpets to dry from steam cleaning in the cooler months as it does during the warmer months. When your carpets are being steam cleaned, they’ll be exposed to extremely hot water which usually dries within 6-8 hours with some good air flow.  The ambient temperature won’t such have a large impact on drying times as you might expect.

Myth 2 – carpets don’t get as dirty during the cooler months

There are a lot of people that believe their carpets will collect more dust and dirt in the warmer months due to increased foot traffic.  It’s believed that summer evokes more reasons to enter and leave the house and therefore more dirt and dust will be carried around.  Although this may be true, the cooler months usually entice people to stay at home more and therefore, having an increased interaction in the house will lead to more dust being created and spread around.  Essentially, there will be large accumulations of dust and dirt ALL year round.

Myth 3 – it’s better to just wait until summer

Some people believe that waiting until summer is the better option for steam cleaning as their ‘carpets can wait’.  A lot of these people think that any stains sustained by the carpets in the cooler months can be dealt with in summer.  Even though this is true, the chances of reversing the effects of the stains reduce drastically. It’s always best to attend to stained, dirty carpets as soon as you can in order to avoid any further damage.

If you’d like to book your carpets in for a steam clean during these cooler months, feel free to get in contact with our team of wizard cleaners on 0438 554 830.  You may also leave us an enquiry HERE.