Tiles are an aesthetically pleasing and durable choice for kitchen, bathroom and other surfaces in your home. Keeping those beautiful surfaces looking clean and fresh can be a hard job. If you’ve ever frantically searched for ‘tile cleaning companies near me’, you are not exactly in the minority. Here are some methods you can use to clean tiles and grout to keep the  in your bathroom from looking unpleasant.

Keeping tiled surfaces clean in your Melbourne property

  • Sweep or vacuum daily. If you clean your tiled floors daily and wipe counter tops and such, dirt will not accumulate and stain the tiles. Once you sweep the floor, mop it with warm water with tile and grout cleaner. Don’t forget to dry the floors and the surfaces once you mop those areas thoroughly.
  • You could use disinfectant to remove more stubborn spills and a great trick is to include a drop of vinegar. But remember to only apply disinfectant to the spill to prevent another kind of stain later on.
  • Always air out your bathrooms to keep them dry to prevent mildew from forming. If you do see mildew growing on your tiles, use one part water, one part ammonia to scrub those off with a brush.
  • You can use sandpaper or a tool made specifically to remove stains from grout to clean those lines between the tiles. If the grout stains are too grimy, use a gentler type of bleach to clean those. For milder grout stains, you can use a bleach pen.
  • If you see rust spots on your tiles, use an old clean white rag soaked in kerosene to wipe off the area. Once you use the kerosene rag, wash the area using warm water to clean up. Don’t forget to wear gloves when you do this and a mask over your mouth and nose.
  • It is important to deep clean your tiled surfaces frequently. You can do this by mixing half a cup of vinegar with a gallon of water and then mopping the floor. Once you mop with vinegar and water, use warm water to get the smell out and give the surface a cleaner look.

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