Carpets add comfort and elegance to a home but keeping them in tip top condition can be a tough job. At Wizard Carpet, Tile and Grout Cleaning we would advise you to regularly clean carpets at home and get our professional services help at least once every six months. Here are some home care carpet cleaning tips.

Carpet Cleaning Tips

  • Tip #1 – Vacuum First
  • Tip #2 – Use Dry Cleaning Shampoo
  • Tip #3 Be careful which cleaning agents you use

Carpet Cleaner tip #1 – Vacuum first

The first rule of carpet cleaning is to vacuum often and then some more. This will get rid of dirt, pesky hair and dust particles and keep the surface of your rugs clean. In addition, always take off your shoes when you enter your home. This will keep away most of the mud and dirt from the garden and streets off your carpets. If you walk all over your carpets with shoes on, you’ll leave a lot of dirt

Carpet Cleaner tip #2 – Use dry cleaning shampoo

Using liquid carpet cleaning shampoo is a bad idea. The liquid may remain in your carpet and attract more grime. In place of liquid shampoo choose a professional dry carpet cleaning shampoo from stores that sell vacuum cleaners or hardware stores. You could use a steam cleaner to remove any leftover liquid stains from cleaning. When use the steam cleaner, always read the instructions to ensure you don’t damage your carpets. Certain cleaning agents may react differently depending on the material your carpet is made from.

Carpet Cleaner tip #3 – Be careful which cleaning agents you use

Always keep some cleaning agents at your home to remove stains as soon as you spill something on the rug or notice a stain. Soda Water is a pretty good agent to remove food or wine stains. Simply soak club soda on a rag and dab the stain with it. DO NOT RUB! You could mix parts of hydrogen peroxide with water to remove food dye stains that you may for example get from a piece of cake being squashed on your carpet. If you have pets or young kids, remember never use cold water to remove urine, always use warm water.

For long term care of your carpets it’s recommended to use a professional carpet cleaning company every 6 months. This will help your carpets last much longer. Remember maintaining and caring for your carpets is much cheaper than replacing them!

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