Surprisingly enough, many people still confuse the benefits of vacuum cleaning with steam carpet cleaning. Even though vacuum cleaning can appear to make your carpets look cleaner, it might not be as effective as you believe it to be.

Steam carpet cleaning, on the other hand, isn’t just about removing artificial dirt and stains from your carpets; it’s more about the deep removal of built up germs and bacteria whilst at the same time leaving your carpet looking new and clean again.

Benefits of vacuum cleaning?

When it comes to staying on top of your weekly cleaning chores, vacuuming cleaning is definitely a great option.  It’ll help to remove any dirt or dust that’s sitting on top of your carpets, and if the suction power is enough, you’ll even see a clean, streaky pattern coming through. In terms of other benefits, these are essentially all of them.

And what about steam carpet cleaning?

When you move into the realms of having your carpets professionally steam cleaned, everything changes. The superficial dirt and dust particles will be the first to go, and then after that, all the important things happen.  Dust, germs and bacteria hidden within your carpet fibres will all be extracted, along with any bad odours.  This process will not only lead to better-looking carpets, but they’ll also contain fewer allergens and dust mites.

So then, what do the two services have in common?

To be honest, not a lot.  Vacuum cleaning is something you should do weekly in order to maintain the general upkeep of your carpets. Steam carpet cleaning, however, is something you would get done every 6-months or so.  Think of a steam clean as a way of thoroughly washing your carpets instead of simply ‘dusting’ over the top of them. In terms of making your carpets appear clean and new again, vacuum cleaning will help in between professional steam cleans, but once a certain amount of dust, grime and dirt has accumulated, there is only so much the vacuum cleaner will be able to do.

More info?

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