Moving out of a rental property is such a stress. Packing everything up, moving it out and restoring the property to how it was when you moved in. Not easy to do. Here are our 5 tips for getting your bond back when you vacate because life is expensive enough without losing money when you move.

1. Respect your lease conditions

When you sign a lease for a property there are often conditions that you need to adhere to like no smoking inside and no pets. Remember if you have smoked inside there are extra things that you will need to do to remove the smell and stain of smoke from the house otherwise you will face a penalty, the same for carpets soiled by pets.

Your obligation is to return the property to the way it was when you moved in which was hopefully pristine clean. If that is not the case take pictures of problem spots and share them with your landlord. You can also use these when you move out if there is a dispute.

2. Avoid last minute panic cleaning

Once you know when you are going to vacate make a plan for the cleaning. Make a note of big cleaning jobs – the stove, the bathroom and other heavily soiled spots and start to clean them in the weeks leading up to your move.

If you leave all of the cleaning to the last day it is overwhelming especially if you are moving at the same time.

3. Check your condition report

What was the place like before you moved in? Was it spotless or were there issues that you noted because the building is older and is showing wear and tear? Your property manager will use this document to check the state of the unit or house.

Use the condition report as a starting point when you assess what needs to be done and again just before you leave for the last time after moving.

4. Attend the final property inspection

Make a time with your property manager to meet and do the final inspection together. It helps if you discuss any issues at the time. Take a bucket and some cleaning materials with you; you may have the opportunity to fix any grime issues on the spot.

5. Regular maintenance

The key to avoiding any shocking cleaning problems when you move out is to regularly maintain your rented home. Clean the stove when it needs it, avoid baked on grunge, and keep your bathroom tiles sparkling clean.

Professionals take the headache out of the end of lease clean

Consider getting professionals to clean your rental when you move out. They will find all of the hidden dirt in out of the way places and have the expertise to get even the most stubborn dirt off your grout.

Wizard is an expert at cleaning homes at the end of lease. Give us a call 0438 554 830 for a quote on your cleaning job.