We love them, in fact we can’t live without them yet we will always have a problem with pets and carpet cleaning especially if they have a habit of spreading little accidents around inside your home. Here are our best tips on dealing with the presents your furry best friends may leave you.

Life’s little accidents

No matter what we do to avoid it there will be a time when one of your beloved furry creatures has an accident on your carpet. The problem when it is urine (it’s the same for human wee) its chemical composition enables it to penetrate through your carpet to the backing.

Now if it’s a one off thing just clean, disinfect and deodorise and it should be fine. If your pet has a regular carpet spot they like to use then you have a much bigger problem because of a pervasive smell.

You may need to call in professional carpet cleaners to help you remove the stain and smell, and look at ways of retraining your pet to stop it from happening again.

Oh and don’t forget to clean it up when it’s wet where possible, it is more likely to stain if left to dry.


Pet hair everywhere

Pet hair can be a problem on your carpets especially if you have anyone in the house that has allergies. An accumulation of pet hair can set off an allergic reaction and you need to keep it under control.

Vacuuming at least twice a week with a strong unit should help, depending on how many animals you have living with you. Get your carpet professionally steam cleaned at least every six months to prevent a build-up of soil on the carpet that makes it look old and grubby.

Tiny paw prints

Muddy paw prints are not as bad as other accidents as they are simple to clean up and unless you can teach them to wipe their feet when they come inside its going to be a seasonal problem. You can minimise the issue by having mats at the doorways where they enter to reduce mud as they walk over them.

Mud is easier to brush off when it is dry rather than wet and any residue should be easily vacuumed, the paw prints are really like the human foot traffic that regularly traipses across your carpet.

Pet friendly cleaning

You need to use the same considerations for cleaning for pets that you use for children (even if you don’t have any). Pets spend all of their time on the floor so you need to make sure that any chemicals used for cleaning by you or professional cleaners are not toxic.

Keeping your carpet clean

Regular cleaning helps maintain your carpet. If you are looking for competitive carpet cleaning in Melbourne call us at Wizard Cleaning 0438 554 830.