Carpet stains are never fun. Especially when you’ve just had some new carpets laid, or you’ve just had them cleaned.  The number one response for most people will be to type ‘best way to remove carpet stains’ into Google and try to find a solution that suits them best.  Whether you’ve spilt red wine on your carpets, or the children have knocked a juice on top of them, our tips for cleaning carpet stains will stay the same.

Before trying to remove your stains, we always recommend using a professional cleaning company.  At the end of the day, carpet steam cleaning will be the most effective (and safest) way to remove carpet stains.  If you want to try it on your own though, this may help!

Best Way to Remove Carpet Stains – Tips From a Melbourne Cleaning Company

The below tips apply to helping to remove stains caused by liquids.

No stain removers!

Try to avoid buying supermarket advertised stain removers.  A lot of stain removers can actually end up bleaching your carpets and making the problem a whole lot worse.

Use a WET, WHITE cloth

We emphasise the need for this cloth to be both wet, and white.  The reason being is that if you use a cloth with colour, it might actually stain the carpet.  The reason for a wet cloth is so that you can try to absorb the stain.

Now, place the cloth on top of the spill.  Do not wipe, scrub and try to clean the spill.  Instead, allow the cloth to absorb the spillage.  Apply a little bit of pressure if required (but not too much). Once you can see that the cloth can’t take on anymore of the spillage, change cloths.

Apply another wet cloth and try to absorb as much of the spillage as possible.  If you can continue to do this until no more of the stain exists, then you’ve made it!

Still not working?

If you’re finding the spill is too stubborn and isn’t lifting anymore, then it’s time to call in the professionals.  A professional carpet cleaning company should be able to remove the stain through a method called hot water extraction.  Hot water extraction is the fastest, most efficient way to remove carpet stains.

At Wizard Carpet, Tile and Grout Cleaning Melbourne, we feel that you should be able to remove if not all, then hopefully a great deal of the stain by using the described method above. If you’re finding it to be too much, or the stain is too engrained, than a professional carpet cleaning company could be a fast, affordable solution.  When considering the value of your carpets, it’s always best to find ways to ensure they’re always looking their best.  Taking care of them properly is always recommended for the longevity of your carpets.

For more information on removing carpet stains, you can speak with one of our Melbourne Carpet Cleaning professionals on 0438 554 830.  You can also leave us an enquiry HERE.