Now that winter has finally graced us with its cool presence, it’s a good opportunity to do those cleaning jobs that we put off in the previous season.  At Wizard Carpet, Tile and Grout Cleaning Melbourne, we’ve decided to put together a few handy cleaning tips for winter to help you to better prepare your home for the next few months.  Although the cleaning jobs for winter should be the same as those in summer, using the start of a new season to ensure a thorough clean is done is always a great idea!

Cleaning Tips for Winter

Upholstery Cleaning

Think about how often your upholstery is used.  Whether it’s family members using sitting on the couches, stools or even mattresses, these items will get used excessively.  It’s therefore crucial that you don’t neglect to clean these thoroughly to help remove stains, germs and unwanted odours building-up.

Tile and Grout Cleaning

Another large cleaning task for you to do should be your tiles and grout.  Cleaning your tiles and grout can be quite a tedious task if you’re doing it without the assistance of a professional cleaning company.  More than likely, your grout will be discoloured and your tiles will be grimy.  A professional tile and grout cleaning company should be able to have them looking as close to new as possible.  If using the right company, it should also be a fairly inexpensive task.

Carpet Cleaning

Your carpets provide a large area for dust, dirt and germs to build-up in.  Trying to get rid of all the engrained particles and bacteria can be a very time consuming task if you’re doing it alone.  At Wizard Carpet, Tile and Grout Cleaning Melbourne, we always recommend getting in a professional carpet cleaning company either once or twice per year.  Not only will they be able to get rid of those ‘impossible to remove’ stains from your carpets, but they will also be able to significantly reduce the amount of dust, dirt and bacteria that get caught-up within the fibres.  A once-over, thorough steam clean during winter will leave your carpets looking great for the next couple of seasons to come.

Duct Cleaning

If you’re coming into winter and you haven’t cleaned your air conditioning ducts yet, be sure to get on top of it.  By giving your air conditioning ducts a thorough clean, you can significantly reduce the amount of stress on the motor when it’s warming your house.  This reduced amount of stress will lead to less energy being used.  And of course, this reduction in energy usage should also lead to savings in your electricity bill.

For more information on cleaning tips for winter, feel free to speak with one of our cleaning professionals.  Although you can do all the above on your own, you might be running short on time and resources.  If this is the case, then we’ll always be available to help.  You can call us on 0438 554 830, or leave an enquiry for us HERE.