If you’re a parent, chances are you’ve had some challenge in getting your children to help in doing the household chores. If you’re feeling frustrated from constantly having to nag or plead for them to clean their rooms or put away their toys, it’s time to do something different. In these cleaning tips, we give you some ways how you can motivate the kids to help in cleaning the home.

Be creative

Make cleaning a fun activity for them. Put on some music and dance while you clean. Create games like a treasure hunt to find a missing household item or see who can clean their rooms the quickest. If you can make cleaning a fun activity for them, they won’t see it as a boring chore. They may even be excited to help!

Constantly challenge them

You may want to consider having a reward system in place when the children do the chores such as receiving sticker stars or maybe an extended bedtime, but reward systems usually do not work for the long term.

To keep them interested in doing chores, give them more challenging things to do. For example, if they’ve gotten good at arranging their toys and books with your help, then let them do it unassisted. If they’ve been consistent at feeding the dog every 5pm, then perhaps it’s time to give them the task of giving the family pet a bath.

Switch routines

As a start, it may be effective to stick to a routine. For example, you may require them do to a quick 5-minute clean up every night before going to bed or to help fold clean laundry every Saturday afternoon. They may however, soon find these routines boring.

To shake things up, try switching routines. Instead of cleaning their own rooms, ask them to clean their sibling’s rooms. Or instead of instructing them to put away the dishes after dinner, why not ask them to help you plan dinner at least once a week? Switching routines from time to time can help create anticipation in the kids since they won’t always know what to expect!

Reinforce that cleaning is a team effort

Constantly remind them that household chores are a family affair. This gives them a greater purpose. Perhaps you can say, “I really love that our family is doing the chores together” or “Our family makes an awesome team. Just look at how clean our house is!” This instills in them the value of teamwork and gives them a sense of belongingness too. Remember to always thank them for their help. This makes them feel that their help is valuable and that they are appreciated.

Give them responsibilities

The more independent children feel, the more motivated they will be to take on tasks and accomplish them from start to finish. Start with something small such as cleaning the hamster cage, taking the dog out for a walk after feeding it, or putting their own toys and books away after playtime. When handing out responsibilities, consider the age of your child. Younger children may require detailed instructions while older children may be given more autonomy.

Use gentle language

Do not be bossy. Nagging or dictating what they should do is not motivating to the children. Instead of directing, make requests. Perhaps say something along the lines of “I would really appreciate it if you can help me…” or “Can you please…” Using gentle and positive language, instead of nagging, encourages the child to follow. After all, who can say no to such a polite request?

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