Proper carpet care is often a complicated part of commercial cleaning and facility management. With the range of cleaning products and commercial carpet cleaning services available, selecting the correct ones to use in your office can be a confusing task.

While business owners and managers usually leave the task of carpet cleaning to the commercial cleaners they employ, there are advantages to knowing basic carpet care and cascading this information to the staff. After all, maintaining a clean and healthy workplace is a team effort. Here are some expert tips on how you and your staff can ensure that the office carpet is getting the care it needs.

Use the right vacuum cleaner

In many offices, traditional upright vacuums cannot be used efficiently due to furniture and other impediments. For example, an office with clusters of work stations will slow down the vacuum process unless a cleaner is equipped with a backpack vacuum. Backpack vacuums are lighter and more comfortable to use. This type of vacuum works well in congested workplaces, and quick access to the tools and accessories can reduce overall vacuuming times.

Make sure your office cleaner is equipped with the right vacuum. This not only makes cleaning more efficient, but also minimises interruptions or distractions to the staff.

Vacuum every day, if possible

Commercial carpet should be vacuumed as often as every day, if possible. This is because foot traffic brings in dirt, and air-borne particles such as dust or pollen settle into the carpet fibre, along with hair, dander, and dust mites. The most effective way to remove dry soiling is vacuuming the carpet frequently. If every day vacuuming is not possible, aim to have it done at least three times a week.

Get the staff involved

Provide everyone access to cleaning tools so that they can do spot removal themselves in case they spill food or drinks on the carpet. Addressing stains and spots on the carpet as quickly as possible will prevent them from accumulating. It also helps keep the carpet clean enough until the next scheduled carpet cleaning service.

More importantly, giving everyone the responsibility to clean up any mess they see promotes good work habits. It reinforces that keeping the office clean is not just a job for the commercial cleaners, but is indeed a team effort.

Verify certification on cleaning products

Has your workplace made the switch to sustainable carpet cleaning? Be wary of products that may be labelled “green” or “environment-friendly”. Just because a product or service is green certified, that doesn’t mean it won’t damage carpet materials during the cleaning process. Look for products that have been certified by reputable organisations to be proven both sustainable and safe on carpet fibres.

Alternatively, look for commercial carpet cleaners who use eco-friendly methods and solutions when cleaning carpets. Their products are not harsh and are safe to use around children and pets while producing a high-quality finish.

By having basic knowledge and tools on proper carpet care, everyone in the workplace can contribute to maintaining the carpet’s life and appearance, and to keeping the overall cleanliness of the office.

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