For any business owner, maintaining a clean office is of utmost importance. A well-maintained workplace is a reflection of the business and sends a positive message to customers. It also enhances staff morale and productivity as team members are able to work more efficiently in an organised and safe environment. Finally, a clean workplace that is regularly disinfected and sanitised can also keep the staff healthy!

In maintaining a clean office, the carpetting is an area that needs constant attention. Fresh and clean carpets not only make the workplace beautiful and comfortable, it also helps prevent the spread of viruses and allergens. Needless to say, it’s crucial that your office carpets get the proper cleaning they need. As a business owner or manager, make sure you are not making these biggest commercial carpet cleaning mistakes.

Not having a proactive maintenance program

People wait until the carpets look dirty to clean them, but dust and grime that has settled deep in the carpet fibres might go unnoticed. By the time the carpet is cleaned, it has already become soiled and damaged from holding on to so much dirt. Implementing a carpet maintenance program, including a regular cleaning schedule, can prevent this from happening. Having your commercial carpets cleaned regularly, regardless if they look dirty or not, can help preserve the life and appearance of your carpet.

Also ensure that a comprehensive approach is in place when planning and implementing a program. For example, check with your commercial cleaning service if they can do both spotting and deep cleaning. Ask if they use a hot water extraction method to give the carpet a deep and thorough clean. Your maintenance program should have all the elements necessary to give the office carpet an effective cleaning.

Not knowing the specifications of the carpet

Ideally, you need to know the specifications of the carpet so that you know how to maintain it and don’t violate the warranty. Different fibres and construction methods impact how we should maintain or spot clean the carpet. Make sure that your commercial cleaning service is experienced in dealing with different carpet types. They should be able to identify and evaluate different fibers, which in turn will help them determine how to best clean and treat your carpet.

It may also be an advantage if you, as the business owner or manager, can arm yourself with this knowledge too and share with all staff so that everyone knows how to properly spot clean in cases of spillage or carpet stains.

Not testing products before applying them

Just as different carpet fibers require different cleaning methods, spills and spots require different cleaning agents based on their pH level. If you are using a commercial cleaning foam, make sure to test it first in a hidden area of the carpet. This is to ensure that the cleaning agent will not bleach the carpet.

When possible, try to use items you may already have in the pantry such as baking soda, water or a dishwashing liquid to remove carpet stains. Check our previous article on how to remove common office stains to see how these items come in handy when cleaning up spills. <link to>

A quick note on how to clean up spills: address the spot as quickly as possible and avoid the urge to rub it, as the stain will spread farther. Blot or remove the excess, and then start from the outside and work inward.

Thinking that all carpet cleaning services are the same

There are different carpet cleaning methods, each of them yields varying results. Some cleaners use dry carpet cleaning while others use steam carpet cleaning or a hot water extraction method. Steam carpet cleaning works in effectively removing germs, dirt, and odours deep in the carpet fibres.

Make sure you are choosing the right commercial carpet cleaning service. A properly trained and experienced professional cleaner will assess each floor. Inspecting the carpet before cleaning is an important first step. They look for spots, open seams, pulled yarns, stains, damage and severe texture change to the carpetting. These problem areas, conditions and issues should be documented in writing and communicated to you before the cleaning begins.

Remember that being proactive in keeping your commercial carpet clean is the key to maintain its life and appearance. With the proper programs in place and with the right cleaning service, your workplace will benefit from having clean and fresh carpets.

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