DIY carpet cleaning seems like an excellent idea until you rent the cleaner from your local supermarket, buy the required chemicals and struggle to manoeuvre the machine into your car.

You hold on to the thought that operating the steam carpet cleaning machine yourself is going to be a breeze until you get home, read the instructions and feel overwhelmed. The furniture has to be rearranged, water heated and the machine is very heavy to move around the house.

This is a much bigger job than expected for the novice. Professionals are trained to know what they are doing and can have your carpets clean without the hassle and headaches.

When DIY Carpet Cleaning Goes Horribly Wrong

Before you give in to the urge to rent a carpet cleaner when you are doing your weekly shop, have a think about the things that can go wrong. When you attempt this mammoth task on your own disaster can strike such as:

  • Carpet Burn – Too much heat can burn your carpets
  • Mould/Mildew from too much water – a long term health risk for you and your family
  • Carpet discolouration from water seepage – potentially permanent damage

One of the biggest issues that can occur when you are doing your own carpet cleaning is that the carpets stay wet for a long time afterwards.

Even when you use the prescribed amount of water, you may find that it takes days for your carpets to be dry properly. In the meantime, foot traffic can quickly imprint new dirt on the already cleaned areas putting you back to square one.

DIY Carpet Cleaning Can Cost More Not Less

The reason why most people try to clean their own carpets is to save money. Unfortunately, with carpet cleaning this can be a false economy. Initially renting a cleaner seems cheap. Then you add the cost for the cleaning solutions that you need and your time.

On top of that, there could be damage to the carpet that has to be fixed or replaced or if the cleaning was not up to standard and you need a professional to do the job the situation becomes more time consuming and costly.

Professional Carpet Cleaning is the Smart Choice

Generally, it is a good is a good idea for low traffic households to get carpets steam cleaned every 12 months. More often if there are significant stains or children and animals regularly in the house.

Carpets are not all the same. They are made from different fibres and need distinct treatments for the best clean. This is where the professionals are the most value. Carpet cleaning will often cost less if you engage a professional from the start.

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