Cleaning your home for Christmas

It’s not just the Christmas lights and decorations you want to sparkle at this time of year.  With guests coming and going, especially if you are hosting a gathering or two, a sparkling home is also desirable, even though chances are someone will spill gravy on your best linen and the house will be full of wrapping paper!

Few people enjoy housework and even less so at the end of the year with so many other activities fighting for your time, so a few tips will help reduce the stress.

Get listing.

Make a list of priorities based on the types of events and number of visitors you are expecting.  If you’re hosting a lunch without overnight guests, focus on public areas and bathrooms.  If guest rooms are required, they will also need attention to make your friends and family as welcome and comfortable as possible.  Outdoor events are more and more popular so don’t forget the barbeque and outdoor furniture if you plan to eat and celebrate alfresco.


Christmas and gifts go hand in hand, so this is the ideal time to have a clear out or declutter before the presents are opened and need to be found homes.  This is particularly important if you have children and can be a good time to teach charitable and habits.  Tidy the toy box and the book shelves and encourage the little ones to share anything they have grown out of with children less fortunate.

If your house is going to be full of guests, this is a good time to clear away unnecessary items that might get in the way, get broken or are not needed.  Any special and fragile items might be best put away and unless you expect to have plenty of time for reading, the pile of magazines next to your favourite chair are better in the cupboard than on display.

Rearrange things.

Moving items around and making space may highlight that your floor coverings or rugs could do with a spruce up too. Shiny windows are nice any time of the year but particularly during a sunny Aussie summer, so making time to give them a once over will also add to the sparkle of your home.

The fancy bits

When it comes to preparing for Christmas entertaining, don’t leave the linen or silverware to the last minute. In the week before your big event, check your special glassware, serving ware and in particular cutlery for any discolouration or oxidation in case they need a polish. And linens may need washing or airing if they have been packed away for the year.  You don’t want to find an unpleasant stain as you set the table so prepare to avoid nasty surprises.

Professional cleaning.

If the weeks are running away from you and you fear you won’t be ready in time, let us help you present your home at its best and make your guests feel as comfortable as possible.  Whether it’s your tiles and grout, carpets or ducts that need special attention, or just a general deep clean, please contact us to discuss your needs and give yourself the gift of time as well as peace of mind.