carpets steam cleaned during winter

There is a common thought that you can’t get your carpets steamed cleaned during winter as they’ll take too long to dry. This is actually a big myth. Winter’s carpet drying time is nothing different to that of summer’s. Keep reading below and we’ll explain why!

Firstly, what is Carpet Steam Cleaning?

Carpet steam cleaning differs to regular dry carpet cleaning in that sense that it is more thorough and more efficient. With regular dry carpet cleaning, you are not actually cleaning the carpets. You are merely removing the superficial particles that sit on the top of the fibres. With steam carpet cleaning, we are able to effectively remove grime, bacteria, odours and stains from your carpet that otherwise would have been impossible with conventional methods.

How does Carpet Steam Cleaning work?

At Wizard Cleaning Melbourne, we use a Hot Water Extraction method, which involves the use of extremely hot water as well as biodegradable cleaning products to truly clean your carpets. The hot water is shot out on the carpet, and then sucked back up by our state-of-the-art machinery.

How does the carpet dry during the colder months?

The hot water extraction method is designed specifically to reduce carpet drying times. The hot water is sucked up the machinery with such a large force that it leaves hardly any moisture behind. What is left will dry with a cool draft that passes over your carpets.

Furthermore, many homes have heating during the colder months so this might actually make the drying period shorter than compared to the hotter months. Regardless if you have heating though, your carpet’s drying time will not be noticeably different compared to the warmer months.

So then, can you get your carpets steam cleaned during winter?

The answer is, yes! You most certainly can. We actually find that homes that avoid cleaning their carpets during winter will have stains that are harder to remove during the summer months. The longer you leave a stain untreated, the harder it will be to remove in the future. Regardless of the weather conditions, you should have your carpets steamed cleaned the moment that they require it.

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