End of Lease Clean

When vacating your rental premises it’s crucial that you leave it at a standard this is clean and acceptable. If not, then you might find that your bond won’t be returned to you. End of Lease Cleans are daunting if you haven’t been keeping the property tidy for the entirety of your lease.   At Wizard Cleaning Melbourne, we believe in first impressions. Ensure your carpets are impeccable and don’t give your landlord a reason to pick the place apart.

Everyday without fail, we will get a call to clean the carpets of a rental property in preparation for an end of lease clean. After spending all this time cleaning carpets for end of lease cleans, there’s one thing in particular in which we have noticed – don’t leave it until the last minute!

If renting for a long time, don’t wait before performing a thorough ‘end of lease clean’. Make sure you do this beforehand. A lot of renters will realise that their carpets require more care than a thorough steam clean every 2 years.

Finding yourself in this position? Then be sure to book an end of lease steam carpet clean before your carpets are exposed to irreversible damage !

What else to keep in mind?

If you have carpets that are exposed to high traffic areas, such as entranceways, then be sure to have these regularly steam cleaned. By waiting for your end of lease clean to come, you are risking having your carpets affected by dirt, grime and stains that are too far engrained to have anything done.

Save yourself the hassle and keep as much of your bond as possible. Try to have your carpets regularly steam cleaned, especially if you are in a rental property. For something that isn’t too expensive, you could be potentially saving yourself a lot of money in the future.

For more information on steam carpet cleaning in Melbourne, and end of lease cleans, then be sure to contact Wizard Cleaning Melbourne with any questions. Our prices are very competitive and our services are unparalleled! You can call us on 0438 554 830 or send us an enquiry on our website HERE.