Having carpets can be a very expensive investment and so looking after them to ensure their longevity is a must!  Just how should one look after their carpets though?  If you look on the internet, you’ll be bound to find a myriad of options available.  At Wizard, we’ve decided to compile some of our top carpet cleaning Victoria tips when it comes to getting the most out of your carpets.

Carpet Cleaning Victoria – getting the most out of your carpets

Never rub

As soon as we spill wine on our carpets, or the dog treats them like a toilet, our instant reaction is to rub the stain.  Rubbing out stains is almost like a knee-jerk reaction for most people.  Unfortunately though, if you do try to rub or scrub a stain, you’re going to force the particles you’re trying to remove to ground themselves in amongst the fibres.  Instead, if a spill occurs, simply place a dry absorbent cloth over the spill. Keep doing this until the spill has been absorbed.  If a stain is left behind you may need to seek professional carpet cleaning services.

Regular vacuuming

Quite often, our customers ask if it’s important for them to vacuum their carpets regularly.  The short answer is yes!  A lot of stains and marks can be prevented by simply vacuuming your carpets regularly.  A lot of dirt and debris can easily be removed from your vacuum cleaner which prevents spreading as well as stains if these particles come into contact with water or humidity.  How often should you vacuum?  Generally speaking, once or twice a week should be enough for a standard home.

Invest in walk-off mats

Walk-off mats (welcome mats) are a fantastic way to limit the amount of dirt and particles reaching your carpets. These welcome mats will act as a filter – you’ll be surprised at just how much dirt and dust they will collect over a short period of time.

Change your air filters

Although it may not seem like much, changing the air filter in your vacuum cleaner can play a large role in keeping your carpets cleaner for longer.  Over time, the air filter will become full of dust particles that’ll spread around your home if left to accumulate.  By changing these filters, you’ll be reducing the amount of these particles landing on your carpets.

Professional carpet cleaning services

If you truly want to get the most out of your carpets, we recommend investing in carpet cleaning services.  By having professional carpet cleaners look after your floors, you can expect to remove those ‘hard to remove stains’ as well as the germs and bacteria that come with them. Furthermore, you’ll also be improving the health of your carpets, therefore, improving their longevity.

For more information on how Wizard carpet cleaning Victoria services can help your carpets to look their best again, please feel free to call us on 0438 554 830.  Alternatively, you may also leave us an enquiry HERE.