A lot of myths and rumours emerge when it comes to carpet cleaning and using professionals help.  Knowing the source of these myths is impossible, however, one thing we do know is when something is right or not.  Turning a blind eye to your carpets and thinking “they’ll be right”, could be a decision that can potentially impact not only on your carpets but on the budget also.  You see, by neglecting to have your carpets maintained up to a professional standard can have its own myriad of problems.  To help shed some light on the benefits of professional carpet cleaning services, we’ve decided to write this article which highlights the problems your carpets can face without these services.

Common Problems Your Carpets Can Face If You Don’t Invest in Professional Carpet Cleaning Services

Mildew, Mould and Bacteria

Without regularly looking after your carpets, they become prone to developing problems such as mould, mildew and bacteria.  For example, mould and mildew love any opportunity they can get to spread through your carpets.  Their most desired conditions are that of a warm, damp area.  If you think about your wet shoes that enter the home, spills on the carpet and even condensation dripping down from the walls, it’s easy to imagine just how quickly your carpet can be affected by these problems.  Although professional carpet cleaning services won’t prevent these problems from happening, they’ll definitely play a role in treating them.

Little visitors turning into permanent residents

Although we may not be able to see them, the chances of your carpets harbouring microscopic insects is quite high.  Tiny insects such as fleas, bed bugs and dust mites love to nest in areas such as your carpet fibres.  It’s extremely difficult to use a regular vacuum cleaner to remove these little guys. This is why it’s always recommended to use professional carpet cleaners.


Other allergens such as pollen and pet dander can also get caught-up between the carpet fibres.  If left there for long enough, you may notice breathing problems in those that are affected by allergens.  Sneezing, wheezing and red itchy eyes are all signs of having an allergic reaction.  To remove these unwanted invaders, it’s always recommended to seek the services of a professional carpet cleaning company.

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