Carpet deodorising powders seem appealing to so many consumers. And why wouldn’t they? As soon as something with a bad smell becomes in contact with the carpet you can simply add the powder to it and then the smell goes away. Seems easy right? Unfortunately it’s not as great as it sounds. By simply applying carpet powder you’re essentially only masking these smells and not doing anything for the carpet’s health.

But the smell has gone so what’s the problem?

Even though the bad smell may not appear to be there anymore you need to consider what is happening to your carpets in the long-run. Generally when the powder is applied people will attempt to vacuum it up but you can never entirely extract all the powder from within the carpet fibres with a standard vacuum cleaner. There will generally be bits of powder left behind. What happens next is that this powder becomes further engrained into the carpet. If the carpet deodorising powders have been used in areas of high traffic you can potentially spread the powder throughout the carpet in other areas of the home.

How can carpet deodorising powders cause problems?

As the deodorising powder starts to spread throughout the home’s carpet fibres you will begin to notice an increase in dirt, grime and dust that gets caught up in fibres with the powder.  The powder causing these things to stick to it.  Over time this will eventually lead to discolouring of the carpets and may even produce a bad smell. This can potentially decrease the overall lifespan of your carpets.

How to remove carpet odours?

By using a professional carpet cleaning company that specialise in ‘hot water extraction’ you will be able to remove those bad odours from your carpets. Not only will your carpets look and feel better, they will actually be clean. With ‘hot water extraction’ you are not masking the problem, you’re actually resolving it. In order to help improve the overall condition of your carpets you could have them professionally dry cleaned every year. It’s a process which is fast, effective and not very costly.

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